Standing Up For America

We live in the dumbest of times.

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Brian Savilla

We live in the dumbest of times. Democrats just single handily passed a bill that raises spending and taxes that’s going to increase inflation and debt (despite the outright lie of its title), added tens of thousands of government bureaucrats who are going to target Americans with tax audits, further pushes a corrupt economic agenda that harms Americans and benefits the Democrats allies around the world (specifically in China), does far more to harm the environment than help it, and increases the size of our already bloated entitlement programs. Of course, they’ll just blame everyone but themselves when shit hits the fan even worse in the months and years to come, and their loyal army of sheep will just regurgitate the boilerplate messages from our internal enemies, the mainstream media.

But after all this and the decades of failures, people like Manchin and the other lifers will just keep getting re-elected or replaced by other gutless wonders who continuously sell us out. The Republicans aren’t much better, considering McConnell will be the leader for them until he dies. It’s frustrating to say the least.