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Welcome to the Circus!

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Welcome to the Circus!
In the past few months, we’ve had the war in Ukraine be the centerpiece of their desired attention for us, but questions began to arise about where the billions we’ve sent them was going… we had the abortion feud unnecessarily thrown at us, but since that died down…..the race war was dusted off and sent back into the headlines, but that one wore out much quicker than normal… they brought out the newest thing to be afraid of, but nearly everyone is laughing off “monkeypox” because they made the mistake of playing up Covid for far too long…..soooooo, bring on the gun control debate!  
Like always, I don’t care what anyone thinks about any topic that comes about (as long as you can logically back yourself up), but what I do care about is that far too many people jump at whatever the politicians and media throw out into the news cycle to distract us for their own crimes and failures.  Far too many people participate in the Circus that’s been created, become so enthralled that they hate those they’re told to, and ultimately have all their focus directed away from those pulling the strings.  Here’s just a few examples:
1.  We’re told that the government is going to protect us if we’re unarmed…..but the most recent event saw a government that knew about the attacker ahead of time, a government facility that was unlocked and unsecured, a government force that stood and did nothing about the attacker pre and post entering the government facility…..and then a government and media that blamed everyone and everything but themselves.  
2.  We’re told that the government is going to end racism…..but the government controls the institutions that are supposedly the most racist (police, schools, agencies, etc), those in government are who have created laws that incentivize poverty and regional crime, and a government full of people that live in predominantly white and secured neighborhoods…..but somehow racism is the fault of white people outside of government, scapegoat politicians that have little to no experience in government, and anyone else who dares to question the political and media driven talking points. 
3.  We’re told to fear the latest thing and trust the government to protect us from unknown contagions…..while the same government is increasingly making our borders more porous and shipping illegals throughout our nation, knowingly allowing and even incentivizing those carrying everything from drugs to diseases to enter our nation, and having agencies like the CDC get involved in the creation of bio-weapons in labs from here to China…..but somehow they need to be the ones mandating our movement and lives, while anyone who dares to question them gets shunned from society.  
4.  Lastly, we’re told that the answer to poverty and inequality is only found through government action and taxation…..while the government already spends trillions annually on welfare programs, the same programs have massively expanded over the past 58 years while the poverty rate has flatlined over that same period, generational welfare and fatherless homes have skyrocketed because of the government incentivizing both, and the “living wage” continues to increase because of the inflation caused by the government and only the government…..but we’re told to blame rich people outside of government, blame Capitalism for the failures of Socialism, demand taxation be increased and government entitlements expanded further, and that those creating the problems can somehow solve them.  
In all the cases that the Circus is told to be angry about, all the problems can be traced back to those pulling the strings.  Please wake up and stop being angry with your neighbors, and instead redirect that frustration towards the career politicians that continue to get increasingly rich, powerful, and corrupt at our expense.  Also, vote new blood into office and avoid anyone who promises to fix your problems through more government.  Especially after everything we’ve seen over the past 20-60 years, how anyone can want anything but a limited government is beyond me.