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What’s on my mind?

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What’s on my mind? Well, it’s probably how the people who attacked and demonized Trump for everything under the sun and constantly questioned his mental capabilities…..are blatantly covering for Biden who was/is obviously not mentally competent to be running the most powerful office in the world or even making independent decisions for his own life. Or maybe I’m thinking about how those same people knowingly suppress stories about the Biden and Clinton crime families, corruption in government like sending our money and strategic oil reserves elsewhere in the world, forcefully pushing the economy in ways that financially benefit them and their allies, and the border crisis that they demonized Trump over which is at its worst point ever. It might even be how those same people are doing nothing about their leftist allies offering rewards for the whereabouts of the Supreme Court Justices they openly want to harass and see harmed.

Nah, it’s mainly about how Jesus is King, and those pushing the evil we’re easily seeing around us are increasing the divide between those who can see and those who are blinded by any number of worldly beliefs and wants. If you are of those who can see, don’t sit quietly as others are lead into darkness. Thanks.