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What’s on my mind? 

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What’s on my mind?  Well, I’ve been trying hard to be quiet, but since you asked…’s the fact that the Democrat Party is blatantly in favor of child abuse and supporting child predators and sex offenders (amongst other criminals).  Of course, these same people can’t define what a woman is or when life begins, so it makes sense why they’re okay with men stealing opportunities from women and even being allowed to physically beat them in competition, as well as having no remorse for a baby being murdered up until birth.  Let us not forget that they’ve been grooming children and causing untold amounts of harm by forcing gender dysphoria on them from kindergarten on, as well as being in favor of sex changes to these kids.  They want every “Tomboy” in grade school to be put through their abusive mutilation, and somehow they are arrogant enough to claim “science” is what drives them.  No, it’s pure evil and the desire to destroy our children and society that drives them, not science.  
If any of what I said offended you, I’m not sorry.  I will not join you in being complicit as children’s lives are destroyed so that you feel justified in your own choices and selfish beliefs.  Also, I know there’s some Republicans that are scared to stand up to this evil as well, and I will not tolerate them either.  I now live in Indiana, and I will be a strong voice against our Governor that yesterday caved to the pressure of the Marxists here.  If he can’t defend women and children, then he’s not a man or someone worth supporting.  
PS.  Hey, Democrats.  How are you enjoying your world peace, eliminated student loans, doubled minimum wage to match lower costs, and every other lie that you continuously buy every election cycle?  If this time doesn’t wake you up, it’s safe to say you’re dedicated to being a blind servant forever.