Why Bottled Water Costs as Much As Bottled Soft Drinks

You approach the pop machine, put in your $1.25, and consider your selection, Regular, Diet, Grape, Tea… or water.


Okay, you might not think twice NOW, but there was a time, not so too long ago that folks mocked the idea of paying a dollar or more for a simple bottle of water. Old folks. Like, your parents.

At the time, our ancient ancestors would ponder, “Why should WATER cost as much as a sugary, overly processed soda pop? After all, we can turn our taps on in the kitchen and get it for free!”

…or so it seemed.

Now, in these enlightened days, we quickly accept the notion that delicious, refreshing, uncontaminated water comes in cheaply produced clear plastic bottles. And that we can purchase it in the same machine as highly addictive caffeinated beverages. We don’t even consider it odd that it should cost the SAME PRICE in a vending machine as a bottle of Señor Fizzle.

But this reporter dares to ask the let’s ask the big questions, like why IS the price of bottled water so high?  Why does Big Water over-charge for capturing rain?

This investigation took three weeks of grueling research that included dozens of hard-hitting interviews with water peddlers and their hydration junkies. I combed through dozens of consumer studies and had at least one near-fatal overdose of H2O.

No umbrella was left unturned. This reporter is now prepared to expose the TRUTH on HOW and WHY bottled water companies charge what they do for H2O in a thin plastic bottle.

Prepare yourself! It turns out…

…because they can.

And so concludes what was assigned to be an six-week, in-depth report.  Side note to my dear editor, the next time your snot-nosed brat’s science-fair project is due… find someone else to do their work. I quit!

[EDITOR’S NOTE] Please come back. No one else knows how to make decent coffee. Oh, and after a Parent / Teacher conference, my kid will definitely have to do their own reports. I can’t imagine who ratted me out?

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