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World aggressors to act without fear

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Brian Savilla

 · While your attention is purposely directed at guns, abortion, trans rubbish, and numerous other highly emotional and often irrational fights.….Democrats who campaigned on world stability and economic prosperity…..have allowed world aggressors to act without fear, have fleeced billions of our dollars to foreign countries, have opened our borders during a time of supposed pandemic, caused continuously worsening inflation, is worsening our supply chain issues, and are doing their best to cause a recession. Of course, the same ones causing these problems are continuously blaming anyone but themselves. From Trump to Putin (with a little disinformation mixed in), they and their loyal army of accomplices and dependents regurgitate boilerplate talking points and attacks like they’ve personally just finished a dissertation on them. Don’t get distracted, and please vote for anyone but a Democrat (minus Tulsi Gabbard, who seems to be the only rational Democrat left). PS. The fights I first mentioned do matter as well, but they’re purposely used in this case to get the highly emotional voters to ignore the destruction being done by their chosen leaders, and instead vote entirely based on their emotional issue of choice. Kinda like how those pushing the LGBT and BLM agendas walk lockstep with every Socialist issue like they’re somehow the same, regardless of how insane the trans stuff gets, how much money BLM leaders spend on mansions for themselves, or how bad every Socialist policy fails. You must unquestionably follow them all if you follow one; otherwise you’re a bigot or racist or whatever else is popular to demonize with.