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You can trust the CDC and their “science”, right?

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And while parents are distracted, the CDC is now creating chat rooms for kids and adults to discuss numerous topics, such as sex, polyamorous relationships, sex change operations, and activism. It’s called “Q Chat”. Some of the direct topics are including Drag Culture 101, Sex and Relationships, and Having Multiple Genders. There are also chats on astrology, including “self discovery in astrology” and one titled “Queering Tarot.” Good thing they don’t talk positively about Christianity or someone would start screaming separation of church and state.

The sexually, politcally, and even spiritually charged material is intermixed with content that appeals to young children, such as conversations on video games, Pokemon, and StarWars. On top of that little tidbit of misguided and destructive intervention, they’ve also made it to where you can delete and keep it secret from the parents. But hey, you can trust the CDC and their “science”, right? I mean, just ask them what a woman is, or I mean birthing person, or was it people capable of giving birth to a clump of cells? Don’t forget their other medical pandemic currently happening…..which is racism. It’s so hard to keep up with settled science these days. Never, and I do mean never, should government officials be talking to your kids about sex, especially without your knowledge, and absolutely not if they’re pushing these horrifically destructive abuses upon them.

But that’s what this is all about: The youth of our Nation. Why else would so many attacks be focused on specifically them? There’s a known child and adult sex slavery ring going on with many elites from here and around the world that we’ve knowingly just let off the hook. Biden’s open borders are knowingly letting human and sex trafficking flow freely. Democrats are forcing ideologies like CRT and gender confusion into our schools now from day one. They’re also pushing kids towards life altering and development destroying drugs and surgeries, and some states are even allowing schools to give kids drugs without parental consent or even knowledge. They’re teaching kids to hate their country, to hate God, to hate capitalism and freedom, to hate people based off numerous factors like race and gender, and to even hate themselves. But if you question any of that blatant evil being forced against our children and society, you’re obviously racist and phobic.

And yes, this all does tie to Trump and those like him. I seriously don’t know how much more it’s going to take to see he was right. The Democrats and even several Republicans will stop at nothing to destroy him because he did bring light to their corruption. He tried to secure the border that the others I mentioned depend on for human/sex trafficking, drugs, and other crimes they profit from and need to keep places like the inner cities unstable. He went after sex/human trafficking around the country like no one before him, and tried to make the inner cities more economically stable from within. He went after the “swamp”, which couldn’t be any more evident at this point if it had to be. He pushed to make us energy independent and back towards a free market, which now we’re heading back the opposite direction where we’ve got politicians like Biden making corrupt international deals all the time and purposely destroying our economy. Trump brought relative stability to the world, and now we’re back to the endless wars that corruptly funnel our money overseas. Shall I go on, or are you seeing that both sides are the problem…..rather than a single man with the idea that we should be free from corruption and theft, and that we should be protecting our kids and borders?

PS. If you’re about to call me “trans-phobic”, please don’t waste your time. I don’t have the patience anymore to deal with blind people who are fully engulfed in that sick and twisted rubbish. If you have something factual or even remotely intelligent to say, you’re always welcome…..but I’m beyond tired of the entirely emotional attacks that are intended to demonize those who disagree and end the conversation. Asking what is a woman or why are you destroying the lives of children isn’t phobic; it’s just pointing out the unscientific and absurd rhetoric the left spews and can’t back up in the slightest.