Welcome! We’re sure you have a lot of questions about our website, and, well, here’s everything you need to know:

What is The Liars Lair?
The Liars Lair is part of the vast Fake News media overtaking the planet. With your help, we hope to spread disinformation in as nice a way as possible. This site and our social media accounts exist for entertainment purposes. And yes, it’s largely for adults (who are kids at heart).

Where does The Liars Lair get its content?
The Liars Lair staff members (who largely do not exist) write our own articles. In some cases, we take old jokes that have bounced around the interwebs once too many times, dust it off, and update it to create something completely NEW… and strangely familiar.

Someday we hope to see our revised version being passed around. And of course, we hope you join in the fun with your own original stories! (see below)

Do I need any specific tech requirements to view The Liars Lair?
No. The Liars Lair can be viewed on any computer, tablet, or mobile device. However, The Liars Lair does require a strict business professional dress code.

Can I submit to The Liars Lair?
The Liars Lair accepts submissions via our website forum and Facebook page. We do not pay for articles, photos, stories or ideas that lead to stories.

Will visiting The Liars Lair harm my computer?
Only if you pour water on it, push it over a cliff, talk mean to it, or crush it under a monster truck.

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