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Trump has them on the run

Trump has them on the run Don Surber Unsubscribe7:05 AM (7 hours ago) Trump has them on the run“Inside the Terrifyingly Competent Trump 2024 Campaign.”APR

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Birdbrains in the press

Don Surber Birdbrains in the pressNo, there is no killer measles epidemic sweeping the nationFEB 27, 2024 The Daily Caller reported yesterday, “Social media users

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An invasion repelled

An invasion repelled Don Surber Tue, Feb 6, 7:05 AM (1 day ago) An invasion repelledRepublican voters turned the tide on immigrationFEB 6 Democrats and

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Of course you interview Putin

2 of 5Of course you interview Putin Don Surber 7:06 AM (8 hours ago)Of course you interview PutinThe media now opposes freedom of the press.

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Trump the dictator?

Trump the dictator?Do unto Biden and Obama what they did to youDEC 6, 2023 To promote his upcoming book (Rebellion: How Antiliberalism Is Tearing America

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