Standing Up For America

Fred Joseph

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Why Do People Lie? 

Why Do People Lie? By Shahida Arabi To preserve their self-image. Whether it be minor white lies that exaggerate one’s accomplishments or elaborate tall tales that

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All should read this very important message. WAKE UP AMERICA!!!! This was forwarded by someone else. A good synopsis: PLEASE READ AND PASS ON TO

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The Chronic Liar

The Chronic LiarNot all lies are the same and not all liars are pathological. Some lies are justifiable, while others aren’t. Some are major, while

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Something to ponder.

Just had to share this bit of possibility’s ‘”Donna’ Trump”Something to ponder. When one tries to “reason” with a lefty democrat, remember you are dealing with a

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The Biden family scheme unravels

MIRANDA DEVINEOPINION Facebook Twitter Flipboard Email Copy The Biden family scheme unravels By Miranda DevineApril 10, 2022 10:27pm  UpdatedBROTHER JIM HERE IN WASHINGTON,Miranda Devine: White House’s Hunter Biden

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