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Kamala for President

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Bill O’Reilly

Kamala for President
By: Bill O’ReillyJuly 5, 2024

Kamala for President
On Saturday, June 29, I posted analysis saying the chieftains of the Democratic Party had decided President Biden could not win reelection and the pathway forward was to sweep him aside without destroying the liberal infrastructure.

Almost immediately, the “fact check” website “PolitiFact” branded my analysis untrue. Of course, as we are now seeing, it was true. And here’s another truth: according to a study by George Mason University, Politifact carries water for the left while it masquerades as an objective operation.

Anyway, there was one flaw in my original analysis: the ire of First Lady Jill Biden. She is adamant about staying the disastrous course. No lifeboats for her. She and Joe will pull a symbolic Thelma & Louise if they have to. The word “symbolic” is for you, PolitiFact.

But saving Commander Biden won’t happen. Seemingly loyal Vice President Kamala Harris is already working back channels to become the nominee. Articles are appearing with titles like “Why Not Kamala?” When you see stuff like that, don’t dismiss it.

President Biden is only going to diminish further. You don’t have to be Dr. Phil to know that. Barack Obama and other powerful leftists understand.

Recently, in a kind gesture, Obama gently led Joe off a stage in Los Angeles. People watching were worried the slender former President might have to employ a fireman’s carry.

Kamala Harris wants to be President and, in that quest, will make Jill Biden look like Aunt Bea. Ms. Harris’ greatest hits include describing her now boss Joe as a racist in a primary debate, urging Americans to bail out violent race rioters, kicking former liberal Senator Al Franken where it hurts (symbolically speaking) in a “me too” play, and convicting Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh of serious crimes. No trial needed, of course.

Kamala Harris has embraced the Black Lives Matter movement, canoodled with socialist Bernie Sanders (again, symbolically), and supported no cash bail – let ’em loose, what the heck. That dangerous policy alone should eliminate any politician from vote consideration.

Look, no person is perfect, we all make mistakes. Vice President Harris has endured a number of cheap shots and that is wrong. But if you study her record as a senator and now Vice President, you see a giant void when it comes to fairness and decision making. You also may note that she regularly uses skin color, gender and ethnicity to damage perceived opponents.

I don’t know what the “root cause” of all that is. Perhaps countries south of the border can tell us since Kamala is supposed to be doing deep analysis on root causes down there.

I do know one thing, however. If it comes down to a choice between old Joe and ambitious Kamala, I’m going with the dog-faced pony soldier.

Ms. Kamala is that dangerous.
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