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I enjoy teaching, especially government and economics.  So, here’s a free lesson for you today:

Recently there’s been a push to create a narrative that the Media is just as harsh or even worse to Biden than they were Trump.  This picture was an example used to show how the language is more negative towards Biden.  Problem is, these headlines are accurate. 

Here’s why…..
When the economy is doing well, it’s much harder to create excess growth.  Example:  Having 5% unemployment and dropping it to 3% is far more difficult than dropping it from 10% to 8%.  When the economy is trash, it’s much easier to “create jobs” because there’s far more people out of work.  That’s why adding 200,000 jobs in 2018 when the economy was booming was impressive…..and why adding 200,000 when the economy isn’t so hot is looked down upon.  

Now, aside from the lack of economic knowledge from this talking point, there’s also the legal and social bias.  Biden has been a walking nightmare, making repeated incoherent statements, saying things that others would be canceled and demonized as racist for, retelling numerous blatant lies (even after his own staff told him to stop), making horrific and hypocritical policy decisions, and signing bills and executive orders that he’s been caught on camera numerous times not knowing what they even are. 

Of course, the mainstream media has covered for him and his crime family for years, just like they’ve done for the Clintons. Anyone who says that Trump received such lenient treatment is blatantly lying.

As I’ve been saying and will continue to say, the Media (mainstream and social) is the biggest internal enemy we face as a Nation.  That’s followed closely by the Marxist indoctrination being forced into our schools.  Without the dumbing down of our society and biased news coverage, the politicians ruining our Republic and fleecing our wealth wouldn’t be able to get away with their seemingly endless corruption.  Wake up.  Thank you