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BILL’S MESSAGE OF THE DAY Putin Made a Drastic Mistake

By: Bill O’ReillyFebruary 22, 2022

It is time to rethink old Vlad Putin, the guy who hunts tigers topless. For absolutely no reason whatsoever, he has partially invaded the sovereign nation of Ukraine, upsetting order in the world.

I didn’t think the Vlad-meister would do it because, in the end, Russia will suffer enormously. Its economy will be battered, its people deprived even further than they are now.

Putin knows all this but went ahead anyway. He is playing long odds that the west will not hurt him economically because they are too weak to stand up to the great tiger hunter.

I believe Putin has made a drastic mistake about the west but then, again, I was wrong about Vlad invading.  So, there’s that.

We may also have to reassess old Joe Biden. He now has to lead NATO and other countries against the Putin threat. Biden was correct in not imposing sanctions before Putin made his illegal move because that would have allowed anti-American people to claim the USA ignited the Ukraine fiasco.

But now Biden must actually do what he said he would do: apply draconian sanctions against Russia.  Banning dollar transactions, preventing Putin’s thug cronies from going pretty much anywhere.

Does Joe have the stomach to be a tougher guy than Vlad? Can he keep the NATO countries united? Those are the vital questions.

If Biden falters, and he may, the USA will lose enormous credibility in the world and China will likely move on Taiwan, Iran will finish up its nuke. Worldwide order will collapse. That’s what’s at stake.

Americans elected a weak man as their leader. Now, the question is can a befuddled president rise up and face down the evil Vlad?

Don’t know the answer to that question.

But we’ll soon find out.