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Of course the press will side withe Disney

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Don Surber

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Thursday, April 21, 2022

Of course NR sides with Disney

Republicans are winning in Florida on multiple fronts. The biggest one is in preventing teachers from grooming kids ages 4 to 9 into LGBT Land. Disney stood with the groomers. Now Republicans are making Disney pay — literally — by ending its special tax privileges, which it has enjoyed for more than a half-century.

DeSantis floated the idea of suing Disney management for failing shareholders, as the stock has lost 31% of its value in the past year. This was the biggest percentage loss among the stocks in the Dow Jones Industrial Average. DeSantis would sue on behalf of Florida’s pension funds.Enter National Review to defend the pro-groomer company. 

Chuck Cooke wrote, “Ron DeSantis’s Misguided Attack on Disney’s Legal Status.”

The subtitle was “The governor already won. There is no need for the Republican Party of Florida to salt the earth.”

Of course there is a need to punish the media conglomerate that owns ABC, ESPN, Fox studios, its own studios, Pixar and other media properties. Every one of those properties is pushing LGBT. This is part of the grooming process, which is to normalize abnormal behavior. This softens the field for predators who go after the most vulnerable children.

On top of that, Mickey Mouse is a rat who bows and kisses Chairman Xi on the cheeks — the ones he sits on. But that is another topic for another time.

Florida is protecting children from evil teachers. By making Disney pay taxes like everyone else in Florida, conservatives have Disney by its Disney World hairs.

Cooke would have us surrender while we are winning just as Biden surrendered Afghanistan and $83 billion in arms and cash

He wrote, “Those who have defended the move argue that sticking it to Disney in this matter demonstrates that the Republican Party is willing to ‘fight’ and will thus represent a victory for conservatism. But this is silly. Admirably, Governor DeSantis has already fought Disney, and he has already won. The policy about which Disney chose stupidly to complain is now Florida law. It passed both houses of the state legislature; it was signed by DeSantis, who had been correctly defiant in the face of Disney’s gripes; and it enjoys the support of broad majorities of Floridians. There is no need for the Republican Party of Florida to salt the earth here; it has prevailed in every particular.”


That is not how it works.

Even after he left office, Democrats are hounding President Trump and his supporters. They do so to warn other conservatives not to stand up for America.

Turnabout is not fair play. It is a mechanism needed for survival.

The world’s largest marketer of children’s entertainment sided with those who want to indoctrinate 4-year-olds on LGBT.

That is frightening.

Equally frightening is the way Disney raises its kids. Child actors at Disney seem to go crazy upon on their 18th birthdays.

The Daily Wire posted a story, “11 Disney Stars Left With Devastating Disorders, Drug Addiction, And Permanent Damage.”

A corporation built on kids should protect its child actors better. Uncle Walt did. The two Bobs — Iger and Chapek — did not. 

National Review is doing what mainstream media is doing. In an editorial today, the Tampa Bay Times said, “Florida Republicans are waging a phony war. They claim to be bastions against indoctrination and censorship, yet they are honing those dangers to a fine point themselves. Shaking up Fantasyland after a half-century is one thing. But is that the price of political dissent? What company, what industry, what institution is next? And where is Florida headed under this Republican leadership if more voices merely clam up and go away?”

The newspaper does not object to the jailing indefinitely of January 6 protesters, often without charge.

But we already knew newspapers are shills for big business. Seldom is it as obvious. 

However, the Miami Herald, which is doggedly anti-DeSantis, admitted the other day that DeSantis is onto something. This observation came in an editorial headlined, “DeSantis owns the ‘libs’ and has turned Florida into MAGA Central.”

With every culture war the governor launches — whether it be against critical race theory or “woke” Disney — he appears to have his finger on the pulse of something.

That something might be the discomfort some Americans — and not just those MAGA Trump voters the left often ridicules — have with fast-changing cultural norms about gender, sexuality and race. Concerns that the left, perhaps, have too brusquely dismissed without giving them a fair hearing. Then DeSantis exploits them, creating useful boogeymen.

The Herald has made DeSantis its boogeyman, hounding him on covid over and over again, and never admitting he was right and the Herald was wrong. Instead the Herald dug its heels in and now opposes anything he does. Liberals are the reactionaries.

DeSantis is ending Disney’s free ride. That’s a good thing for two reasons.

On the one hand, Disney needs to be punished for backing those who would treat prepubescent children as sex objects. That is why Florida should strip Disney of its special tax privileges and ability to run its own government.

On the other hand, Disney needs to be made an example of how conservatives will punish those CEOs who blindly cave into the demented demands of Democrats.

Boycotts don’t cut it.

Taxes and making them play by the rules everyone else follows will work.

Why should conservatives ease up? Liberals never do. Look at how Jeff Bezos and his newspaper went after the woman behind Liberals of Tik Tok, whose only crime was to make available to the public at large what liberals post online when they believe no one is looking.

Punish Disney because it deserves it.

But also punish Disney to show all those other CEOs what happens when you mess with conservatives

.Posted by Don Surber at 4/21/2022 11:00:00 AM