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Unreliable and harmful clams

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Unreliable and harmful clams

They censor because we are winning the argument.

Don Surber

Oct 15


A reader sent me this graphic mocking Google’s censorship of my blog posts for what Google called “unreliable and harmful claims.” Two recently censored posts relied on reporting by the New York Times and the Washington Post, so Google might have a point.

Readers know this Substack account is my response to Google censorship. Eventually I will abandon Google and my blog — — in favor of Substack. The censors don’t bring me down. They are an annoyance. They are not even mosquitos. They are mere midges. Censoring is a sign that we are winning because they cannot handle the truths we tell.

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We are winning on multiple fronts.

Last weekend, PayPal said it would confiscate $2,500 from anyone who spread misinformation. The backlash had PayPal back down within 24 hours. Nonetheless, its stock tanked on Monday. People are leaving and they should because PayPal will still steal your money if it deems you intolerant, which is their way of saying conservative.

DC comics is losing its gay Superman. He’s being sent to his doom as a spinoff comic that even fewer people will buy. ‘Tis a sign that people have lost interest in LGBT.

Bros, a homo romcom, tanked at movie theaters. Even gays don’t want to see men kiss.

DeSantis beat Disney. Florida schools will no longer groom kindergarteners for sexual perversion. Disney World now will face local laws and pay local taxes.

Brandon Morse reported that Discovery, the new owners of Warner Brothers, is abandoning wokeness in favor of having audiences for its movies, TV shows and cartoons. The first victim was a woke version of Batgirl. The company ate the $70 million it cost to make the film because it had to protect the Batman brand.

People still will crowd theaters to watch an unapologetically good movie. The top film this year was Top Gun: Maverick, which was so good that Red China banned it. Maybe Tom Cruise should start a movie Substack.

The Epoch Times reported, “Businesses Bow to Outrage, Reverse Course on Drag Shows for Children.”

We are winning on social issues both commercially and politically.

Overturning Roe did not kill the Republican Party and with it the conservative movement. Instead, 14 states banned abortion. The rest of the nation yawns. It’s the economy, stupid.

Second Amendment rights are surging. 35 years ago, only Vermont allowed concealed carry without a permit. Now 10 states do. Other states have gone from no permits to telling officials they must issue permits.

Trump-supported candidates won 90% of their primaries. The media said they cannot win in November. We will see.

Already J.D. Vance has put Ohio out of reach for Democrats, Kari Lake and Blake Masters are kicking AZ in Arizona, and Kelly Tshibaka may bounce Lisa Murkowski from the Senate in Alaska. Herschel Walker and Dr. Oz climbed back to the lead in their Senate races. Adam Laxalt looks to take Nevada.

In Washington state, Tiffany Smiley may knock Patty Murray out of the Senate, which would raise that body’s average IQ to 100.

And in House news, Liz Cheney is headed to The View.

Tulsi Gabbard caught the red wave and surfed out of the Democrat Party. She is campaigning for Republican Don Bolduc in New Hampshire. This midterm could see some surprises on election night.

The Supreme Court finally has a big enough conservative majority to render Chief Justice John Roberts insignificant and unable to stop the reversal of past judicial malpractice. Trump, McConnell and the Heritage Foundation installed 3 truly conservative justices who are young enough to serve 32 years as Justice Clarence Thomas has. They empower him.

In fact, Scotusblog noted earlier this month, “John Roberts is the chief. But it’s Clarence Thomas’s court.”

The post said, “The other justices have even agreed to defer to Thomas at the start of each argument before jumping in themselves. The rationale is that Thomas, a stickler for politeness, dislikes interrupting the advocates or his colleagues. But it’s hard not to view the arrangement as symbolic of Thomas’s remarkable ascendance. Long considered an outlier on the court’s right flank, Thomas is now the intellectual leader of a conservative transformation that the six Republican-appointed justices are ushering into American law.”

Speaking of clerkships, Trump-appointed Judge James Ho publicly announced he will no longer hire Yale Law grads as clerks. This is a very big deal. It is so big that Yale Law School suddenly revised its rules to end the attacks on conservatives and conservative speakers at Yale Law. It’s marketing because if you want to be a federal judge, you have to do your time as a law clerk. If enough federal judges boycott Yale, the degree will lose its value. Just like Discovery canceling Batgirl, Yale has to protect its brand.

Ho, Ho, Ho.

Trump appointed many of Thomas’s former law clerks to judgeships. They are his legacy along with his decisions. He was a true conservative, unlike his co-Bush 41 appointee, David Souter.

Which leads me to perhaps the biggest victory, or at least the first one: getting rid of the Judas goats. They are named for the goats who lead the sheep to be silenced in the slaughterhouse. Donald Trump exposed them for who they are.

For decades we were betrayed by the Fox All-Stars crowd who sought to reform immigration instead of building a wall and enforcing the law from the last liberal immigration reform. They also opposed repealing unconstitutional gun laws. And while they talked a good game, they did not seem that committed to reining in abortion.

The Weekly Standard is gone. Its successor is mocked. National Review surrendered most of its audience in that dumb Against Trump issue. We don’t need them.

We also don’t need Matt Drudge. He’s been replaced by Citizen Free Press. And Off the Press. And Spinquark. And Pro Trump News. And the Liberty Daily. And Bongino. And a dozen more. Nature hates a vacuum. Drudge sucks.

Lucianne and Instapundit stayed true to the cause.

There are many, many others.

I know we are winning because the Obama administration (Biden is a girl-sniffing figurehead) is desperate. This White House wants to intimidate us. It is darkest before the dawn and his Gestapo tactics and Nazi-inspired rhetoric are darker than the bottom of a coal mine. A year after abandoning $7 billion in military equipment to the Taliban, this regime threatens nuclear war with Russia. Such an act is Hitler-in-the-bunker nutso. Even Bill Ayres knew when to back off.

Be of good cheer. We are winning. We will — we will — rock them with our “unreliable and harmful claims.”

We won’t clam up.

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