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A Disgraceful OperationBy: Bill O’Reilly

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A Disgraceful OperationBy: Bill O’Reilly
There is a report from Mother Jones magazine, a far-left rag that rarely prints the truth, that Russian propagandists in Moscow are using commentary by Tucker Carlson to bolster Putin.

Of course, a number of vicious progressive websites immediately picked up the report with no verification other than Mother Jones, which is absurd.

So, honest people must bring a measure of skepticism to this. Obviously, Mother Jones wants to hurt Mr. Carlson. They did the same thing to me years ago lying about my war reporting. Disgraceful operation.

The record shows that Mr. Carlson has been a dissenter in the USA taking aggressive action against Putin, but he is entitled to his opinion without being slimed.

We are looking into the situation because it is an important story and will report tonight on the No Spin News. What you hear from us will be true.

See you beginning at six eastern.