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A Dishonest Press

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A Dishonest PressBy: BOR StaffMarch 21, 2022
Years from now, scholars and historians will ask why the people lost faith in the press. The Fourth Estate has long been an essential part of America’s development, never perfect but essential. Then Donald Trump ran for office in 2016.  Trump secured the Republican nomination. Suddenly reports and unflattering videos were released. But his supporters overlooked them because they disliked being manipulated by the press and their suspect timing. Trump won the presidency. The Russia Collusion narrative took off. Two impeachments led to nothing. During the 2020 election, the press overtly rallied around Joe Biden, discrediting the New York Post’s reporting on Hunter Biden’s laptop. A story that raised important questions regarding Joe Biden and his son and could have changed the outcome of the election Over a year into Biden’s presidency, that story which was hammered by the press, was now confirmed as accurate by the liberal New York Times. 

When you write it out, it seems obvious.