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Addressing Immigration

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BILL’S MESSAGE OF THE DAY Addressing Immigration
By: Bill O’ReillySeptember 25, 2023
As the migrant situation grows more intense, not only in the USA but in Europe as well, religious leaders are caught in a tight spot. Christianity commands that the dignity of all people be honored, especially the poor and marginalized. With the exception of the Russian Orthodox Church, whose leader supports Putin slaughtering Ukrainian women and children, Christian doctrine compels believers to help those who need help.But, developed countries cannot assimilate millions of poor people without damaging their own citizens. President Biden’s open border policy has led to death (record amounts of fentanyl pouring in) and the destruction of border communities and other places.France is using troops to stop migrants from entering, and Italy is now deploying its navy to blockade northern African countries where migrants gather. Because most European nationals are semi-socialists with enormous government benefits – bankruptcy looms.Enter Pope Francis, who traveled to France last week to support mass migration. Theologically, the Pope is doing the right thing. However, in public policy, he is putting an impossible burden on taxpayers.In the USA, the nation’s most powerful cleric, New York’s Cardinal Dolan, told the press that President Biden is refusing to discuss the migrant situation with him.The President, who makes a show out of his Catholicism, is being disrespectful to the Cardinal as well as to American taxpayers who are paying billions of dollars in bills for Biden’s destructive dereliction of duty.The migrant problem goes right to the heart of responsible government. Virtue signaling is not going to solve this problem.As God only knows.