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Are you a Domestic Terrorist?

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This is the second time in the last three presidencies that peaceful citizens have been or are about to be labeled “domestic terrorists”.  Under Obama, those who were associated with the nonviolent, freedom loving Tea Party movement were labeled as domestic terrorists.  Now, Democrats in numerous arenas are doing the same thing to those who question mask and medical mandates.  This ties perfectly into their social justice demonizations, where they divide our society and label massive amounts of innocent people.  Look no further than the CDC and Biden himself who are making “racism” and “white supremacy” somehow medical problems and the “greatest threat to our Nation”.

Of course, those of us who see the authoritarian writing on the wall are immediately labeled one or all of those demonizing and dehumanizing attack phrases.  Without fact or rational thinking in the slightest, their followers emotionally latch on to the boilerplate messages and point their fingers like we’re in 1690’s Salem, or 1930’s Germany, or Communist Russia/China/Cuba/Cambodia.  If you think my statement itself is extreme, look no further than what just happened in New York, where 70,000 people not only lost their jobs, but were also denied unemployment and government assistance in general.  Now look at the millions of people who loudly and even silently supported destroying the lives of so many, while watching them and their families being starved out.  

Tying into my message from yesterday, this goes back to education.  Somehow, we’ve allowed our education system to be overran by Marxists and thie ideologies.  That’s why we have multiple generations who believe that taxation is somehow charity, the government is more efficient than the free market, freedom is more dangerous than government control, and that not only are you morally superior to those who don’t believe in Marxism, but those who don’t 100% line up are sub-human.  It’s a brainwashing that has lead to the deaths of over 100 million people in just the last century, but the attack on our education has left millions of Americans without a single clue about it.  

Now before I hit post, let me address some of those who tend to agree with me.  Far too often, I see conservatives calling people rats and other not so pleasant terms.  That’s not helpful to you or what I’m trying to do.  I want people to stop calling people childish or demonizing names.  Calling someone a rat or demon or whatever else is just a childish version of their demonizations like racist or phobic.  Instead, be direct like I’m trying to be.  When I bring up Marxism, it’s not me emotionally labeling someone as such, but rather being direct about the specific historical philosophies and actions that they’re duplicating.  Stalin, Hitler, Mao, and every other dictatorial government through today has labeled large groups of people that they see as threats to their power…..and they couldn’t have done it without people in society pointing the finger at those they blindly hated.  Don’t be one of those people, on either side.  
Thank you and have a blessed day