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Back to killing babies in Afghanistan

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Monday, August 30, 2021

Back to killing babies in Afghanistan

Her name was Ayat. She was 2.


Reuters reported, “The European Union on Friday moved to reinstate COVID travel restrictions like quarantine and testing requirements for unvaccinated citizens of the United States and five other countries, two diplomats told Reuters.”

This is no surprise. Thanks to our Democrat president’s surrender of Afghanistan (where there were no allied combat deaths for 18 months), our old allies no longer trust us on anything.

Including covid.

Certainly the Afghanistan people should not. You know that drone strike that supposedly killed two top ISIS officials in retaliation for ISIS killing 13 soldiers and Marines? As Sean Connery never said in “The Untouchables,” for every 13 of yours, take out 2 of theirs.

But there is more to the story. A whole lot more.

Axios reported, “The U.S. drone strike targeting a vehicle believed to pose an ‘imminent ISIS-K threat’ to Kabul’s airport killed 10 Afghan civilians, including seven children, family members and witnesses told the New York Times.”

That Times story quoted a survivor who said, “At first I thought it was the Taliban. But the Americans themselves did it.”

Propaganda? Fake news by ISIS? Maybe.

The Axios story said, “Pentagon press secretary John Kirby said at a briefing on Monday: ‘We are not in a position to dispute it right now.'”

Aren’t the drones controlled by the Pentagon? You know those guys with badges and medals who never saw battle. (I didn’t either.)

At any rate, under Biden, we are back to slaughtering innocents we callously label collateral damage. President Donald Trump stopped that. He also stopped ISIS. It was gone when he left office.

Biden brought ISIS back. And armed them and the Taliban and al-Qaeda.

I wonder how much loot, hookers, and cocaine they gave Hunter Biden.

Donald Trump Jr. tweeted, “The same government that released the names of thousands of Americans trapped behind terrorist lines in Afghanistan to the Taliban will not release a list of names of two terrorists killed by a supposed drone strike.”

Nikki Haley ripped into Biden on Fox on Sunday for Making Afghanistan Taliban Again. Haley said the allies now exclude Biden from their conversations.

Haley said, “The situation with Afghanistan is beyond disgusting. Look at where we are now, first, the jihadists have a moral victory, that’s for Al-Qaeda and ISIS and Taliban… not just in Afghanistan but in the world. That’s going to allow them to recruit, and allow more lone wolf situations. It will be more dangerous.”

She also asked, “Did you [ever] think that NATO was thinking about doing things without the U.S.?”

Answering her own question, she said, “now our allies are having conversations without us.”

The former United Nations ambassador has friends overseas, She also can read the newspapers.

She told Fox, “The fact that the British and French have gone out of their way to get their citizens out and we’re telling our Americans, ‘hey, by the way, don’t come to the airport,’ doesn’t bode well for the country on the international stage.

“All of this has been catastrophic for America. It is not a good look.

“It is not a good time, it is not a safe feeling, we have to do something about it — we can’t sit back. We can’t be victims. As a wife of combat veteran the military families are bonded in our sadness because this did not have to happen.”

She wants Biden to resign.

However, she said, “But that would leave us with Kamala Harris who would be 10 times worse. God help us.”

Haley is an Establishment Republican. That she would take on Bipartisan Biden so publicly signals a seismic shift in Washington. They read the polls. And if he thinks Kamala the Laugher is going to save him, well, Nixon thought Agnew would too. Guess what? Agnew resigned before he did.

Biden is not withdrawing troops. He is re-igniting a war that was dormant under President Trump. No soldiers died in combat in the last 11 months of the Trump presidency.

And Biden is waging war the only way he knows how, by killing those he should be protecting.

You know what? Kamala could not do any worse than Biden, who fakes dementia to avoid accountability.

Posted by Don Surber at 8/30/2021 03:00:00 PM