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Biden lost Russia to India and Red China

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I cannot say who is winning the Ukrainian War but I do know that Biden is losing. Bigly. His economic sanctions enriched Russia, hurt our allies and worsened our sad, Biden-wrecked economy.

Russia has learned that it does not need the West. India and Red China offer larger markets of about 2.5 billion people. That’s nearly triple the population of the NATO nations.Jagran reported, “Russian President Vladimir Putin said that negotiations are underway to open Indian chain stores in Russia amid heavy Western sanctions on Moscow post its invasion on Ukraine.

“The Russian President said contacts between Russian business circles and the business community of the BRICS countries have intensified.”

The BRICs countries are Brazil, Russia, India, Red China and South Africa. They cover 26.7% of the Earth’s land mass and 41.5% of the world’s population.

There is a world beyond NATO, Australia, Japan and South Korea. Biden does not realize this. He’s stuck in the 1970s with Saigon as the center of his foreign policy.

Saigon died 47 years ago.

The Soviet empire died 30 years ago.

Russia subsequently embraced capitalism. We ditched it. We hounded the man who Made America Great Again. He was impeached twice and harassed by an unconstitutional witch hunt. 

Now then, Russia may not have much, but it has what the world needs now.

And it isn’t love, sweet love.

Russia is getting along fine without us.

And that is a problem for us. America’s sphere of influence and its economy shrink because of the sanctions, while Russia thrives thanks to sanctions.

Reuters reported, “Russia is increasing gasoline and naphtha supplies to Africa and the Middle East as it struggles to sell fuel in Europe, while Asia is already taking bigger volumes of Russian crude, Refinitiv Eikon data showed and sources said.”

We canceled Tchaikovsky.

While Americans were hitting those Ukrainian flag emojis to signal their virtue, Russia moved on. As every spurned lover must learn, there are plenty of other fish in the ocean. reported, “Russia turns to East and South, says billionaire industrialist Oleg Deripaska.

“Russian billionaire Oleg Deripaska says about development of ‘southern trade corridor’ between Russia, Middle East, Russian-Turkish cooperation.”

Kicking Russia out of the SWIFT banking system, seizing yachts and trying to make life miserable for Moscow has consequences.

Why would Russia want to be back?

Tom Luongo wrote, “Russia is done with the West. The divorce is nearly complete. In the past few days we’ve heard from all major Russian leaders the same thing, ‘The West will play by our rules now.’

“You can decide for yourselves whether Russia is writing checks they can’t cash, but in the words of Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov telling the BBC bluntly, ‘We do not care about the eyes of the West.’ Lavrov has always been the soul of politeness and discretion when dealing with European media.”

Biden and his pack of losers overestimated their worth and underestimated Putin’s. They poked the bear. Never poke the bear, even if he’s been tranquilized.

I said sanctions never worked and they don’t. 70 years of sanctions haven’t overthrown North Korea’s rulers. 60 years of sanctions haven’t overthrown Cuba’s rulers. 40 years of sanctions haven’t overthrown Iran’s rulers. 

Biden’s sanctions Made Russia Great Again.

Luongo wrote, “Russia knows it has the West on the ropes. We need what they produce and now they are determined to set the rules on who gets them and for what price. It knows that European leaders are puppets with Klaus Schwab’s hand up their asses.

“And it knows Davos has zero leverage over Russia’s actions from here on out.”

Biden hitched our star to Zelensky, who is bringing down not just Ukraine but the 30 members of NATO.

That includes us.