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Bill ORiley says Bad Optics

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Bill O'Reilly
Bad Optics By:  Bill O’ReillyNovember 17, 2023
So now we learn that no charges will be filed against President Biden for taking classified material as Vice-President. Special Counsel Robert Hur, no relation to Ben, spent almost a year “investigating” and says Joe is clean even though VPs have no legal standing to remove any classified information while a president does.Here’s my question: Anyone surprised?The answer is no, by the way.At least the United States Justice Department is consistent. Democrats have immunity. But watch out, Republican people.Don’t want to be cynical, but come on. Hillary destroys evidence, and Joe has classified documents next to his Corvette, but that’s okay.Donald Trump, on the other hand, has to spend millions defending himself after document charges are filed against him.Optics, anyone?Even if it isn’t true, at least half the country believes the federal government is incredibly corrupt. Even the corrupt media believes that, but they won’t say it because, well, they’re corrupt.It all makes the United States look like Nicaragua or someplace.Maybe if Congressman George Santos changes parties, they won’t boot him out of the House.I’m sure he wishes he thought of that.