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Censorship All Over The Globe

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Censorship is a big topic these days. Every single day there are examples in this country where the political elite, judiciary, law enforcement, and technology platform leaders try to deny people from exorcising their free speech rights.

Our country isn’t unique in this regard at the moment. Right now all over the globe where dictators, socialists and communists, and other elites have power, they are using that power to make it illegal to have opinions. The Western World has been the champion of Free Speech since WW2, but it seems we are crumbling from within.

Here are two examples from Democratically Governed States, Finland and Norway. It’s now criminal in these countries to say things that are even remotely against the political tide, even if they are just opinions or even when based totally on facts and scientific reality.

The Finish MP won her case, however, it should never have been brought against her! We shall see what happens in Norway. The socialist world that can’t tolerate dissent is wreaking havoc all over the globe. One would think that after WW2 we would have learned our lesson in this regard, but apparently not.

I’m hopeful that enough people will start to see “the left” for the true “hate machine” that it is.