Standing Up For America

Citizen Vent By, RP

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I recently heard a speech by Dr. Jordan Peterson from about 10 years ago.  He’s describes this very well.   
The Communists/Dictators in power have a very specific view of utopia.  If you get in their way, they get rid of you. (I’m paraphrasing).  
 The Utopia these people are after seems to be that everyone can pretend to be whatever they want and we’d better affirm that – UNLESS – what you are trying to be is any combination of White, Christian, Conservative, Moral or Logical.  Pretty much anything that makes us dull of wit and vacant of morals.
 If you do they will do anything up to and including what society will currently tolerate.  If ww2 hadn’t already shown us the horror of national socialist utopia, the USA would probably already have Christians in death camps.  Society won’t tolerate this. So. What will we tolerate? 
Apparently we’ll tolerate “Them” burning down Federal buildings, threatening and KILLING shop owners (regardless of race), canceling anyone who disagrees, allowing our kids to read smut in school and calling it literary excellence.  
We tolerate framing of innocent people as guilty of crimes when all they did was stand up to defend themselves (kyle rittenhouse or that couple who brandished weapons at BLM thugs).  Luckily the court still uses a Jury and the Jury sees through this in most cases. We tolerate peaceful protestors who’ve protested for years peacefully – who then take over an unoccupied bird sanctuary and do not damage it-  being assassinated by BLM (the other BLM) in cold blood with his hands up.( lavoy finicum).  Meanwhile we call people burning down federal buildings “peaceful protestors” and do NOT shoot them.
America. You are tolerating EVIL. We will just get more EVIL until we show we will not tolerate it.
On a positive note, it was prophesied to get pretty bad before it gets VERY GOOD.  Jesus Come Quickly. Peril is not at our door, it is in our midst and eating our children.