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Clarence Thomas: Driving Libs Crazy

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In the next week or so, Justice Clarence Thomas and his bride, Ginni, will once again see the USA in their RV-ay. America is asking them to call.

Paul Bedard broke from covering politics and Washington Secrets for the Washington Examiner to write a feature story about the justice and his RV-ing. The Thomases have done it for years.

Bedard wrote, “During one of their first trips in the motor home, they couldn’t get the awnings to work. Fellow RVers, most of whom didn’t know whom the Thomases were, came over to help. Thomas said it was ‘like we had a barn raising or something.’

“While it’s been reported that he takes summer trips in his RV, it is in the interviews for the book released this week that both Clarence and Ginni Thomas opened up about their love of being on the road. They’ve been to nearly 40 states over 20 years, often meeting people who don’t have a clue he’s a judge or that she’s a political lawyer and activist.

“Thomas tries to keep it on the down-low, but he’s sometimes recognized, even at truck stops.”

Justice Thomas gets to see real Americans as he sees the USA. America’s the greatest land of all.

I don’t know if traveling the USA helps, hinders or even affects his thinking. But it would be nice if all of Washington emptied out on the Fourth of July and stayed away till Labor Day.

Thomas is in the driver’s seat. Donald Trump put him there by appointing three unapologetically conservative justices. The Trump triplets and Alito give him a majority of true conservatives who are not trying to win over liberals. What the Constitution says matters, not how butt-hurt Martha Raddatz may be.

All of DC is butt-hurt.

The Hill reported, “Thomas opinion strikes fear in Democrats over how far court will go.”

Translation: The Thomas Court will undo all the liberal legislation handed down by liberal justices who created constitutional concoctions worth of Rube Goldberg to create rights to sodomy, gay marriage and birth control.

In each case, the federal court stole the rights of states to decide these social issues. Kicking them back to the states will be the sea-change that forces the highest court in the land to uphold the Constitution instead of making exception after exception because it makes justices feel good about themselves.

I doubt that any state will ban birth control. Connecticut had such a law on the books until justices struck it down in the Griswold case.

Justices Potter Stewart wrote in dissent, “Since 1879, Connecticut has had on its books a law which forbids the use of contraceptives by anyone. I think this is an uncommonly silly law. As a practical matter, the law is obviously unenforceable, except in the oblique context of the present case. As a philosophical matter, I believe the use of contraceptives in the relationship of marriage should be left to personal and private choice, based upon each individual’s moral, ethical, and religious beliefs. As a matter of social policy, I think professional counsel about methods of birth control should be available to all, so that each individual’s choice can be meaningfully made. But we are not asked in this case to say whether we think this law is unwise, or even asinine. We are asked to hold that it violates the United States Constitution. And that I cannot do.”

Good for him.

States have a right to write uncommonly silly laws because it is better to have just one state screw up than to have the Supreme Court screw things up for all 50 states.

The Dobbs case did not ban abortion. It allowed states to ban or not to ban. That is their question, not the court’s.

Democrats, RINOs and liberals built their house on sand.

Clarence Thomas and his court will be build our tomorrow on a rock solid foundation.

And that is driving liberals crazy.

For most libs, it was a short trip.