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Condemn protest? Naw, dawg, I’m good

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Don Surber

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Wednesday, January 06, 2021

Condemn protest? Naw, dawg, I’m good

Waving an American Flag that is not on fire is now rioting. Burning down cities are still mostly peaceful protests.

The media is insane.

After a summer of riots promoted by the media as mostly peaceful protests, I just cannot bring myself to condemn an actual mostly peaceful protest in Washington D.C. 

A few protesters stormed the Capitol, scaring the derelicts in Congress.

Someone shot and killed a woman. I am slapping my 24 Hour Rule on that as the initial reports invariably are wrong.

But journalistic standards and accountability have no place in the media circus today. The monkeys at the various outlets went ape.

National Review, which considers President Trump and his supporters subhuman, reported, “Chaos at the Capitol: Virginia Troopers, National Guard Deployed to Disperse Pro-Trump Rioters.”

But there was no evidence of any riots. No buildings were torched. No police cars attacked. 

Oh, and in case anyone is interested in proof of the dehumanization of Trump and his supporters, I offer Exhibit Witless Ape, and Exhibit The Father-Führer.

In its denunciation just now of the President Trump and the Subhumans, national Review said, “The violence ensued shortly after Trump’s rally nearby. During the rally, Trump ranted that November’s election was a disgrace, and he continued to spin baseless conspiracy theories about how the election was stolen from him. He vowed that, ‘We will never give up. We will never concede.’

“After riling up his supporters, Trump did little to calm things down once things got out of hand.”

Thus we know the Official DNC Line is President Trump riled them up, which rendered the president to the role of the Sorcerer’s Apprentice.

John Podhoretz called for blood, writing, “Donald Trump Should Be Impeached and Removed from Office Tomorrow.”

The Putz wrote, “Donald Trump unleashed a mob on Capitol Hill. What he has done is without precedent in American history. Even if he had seven minutes left in his presidency, he should not be permitted to spend another second as the President. Nancy Pelosi should call an emergency session of the House tonight and impeach the president, and Mitch McConnell should convene the Senate tomorrow and call a vote to remove Trump from the presidency.”

Protests at the Capitol are protected under the First Amendment.

The New York Times reported on June 1, 2002, “Ban Lifted on Capitol Steps Protests.”

The story said, “A federal appeals court panel today struck down a rule banning demonstrations on a sidewalk outside the United States Capitol, ruling that the ban violated freedom of speech.

“The unanimous decision by a three-judge panel of the federal Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit upheld a First Amendment constitutional challenge to the rules, which prohibit ‘demonstration activity’ like parading, picketing, leafleting, vigils, sit-ins and speechmaking.”

Going inside the building is a slightly different matter. But Code Pink has disrupted congressional hearings, generally with the support of the press.

I could virtue signal in the faint hope of winning respect from those who believe the National Review is some sort of conservative outlet.

But why should I worry about respect from people I don’t respect?

In 1824, John Quincy Adams stole the presidency from Andrew Jackson, who came back with a vengeance 4 years later.

In 1976, Ronald Reagan barely lost the Republican nomination. He came back 4 years later and won the White House by a landslide.

While this race is not over, 2024 awaits.

Posted by Don Surber at Wednesday, January 06, 2021