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“Cruel Joe” is a Lyer

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Bill O'Reilly
 Bill O’ReillyOctober 6, 2023
Holy asylum, Batman! Do you know how desperate President Biden must be to repudiate his open border policy publicly? Now, he’s announcing the federal government will build a wall in various parts of Texas after he said a wall would never happen.This is close to the Afghanistan embarrassment because Mr. Biden has long condemned border barriers as not being “welcoming.”Or something.Do you get the feeling the White House is out of control? I do. The progressive left will recoil at any attempt to slow down the migrant invasion. So, why has the president reversed himself?It’s because regular folks have turned against him. All the polls say that. Progressives are just a small part of the electorate. But they have a huge megaphone courtesy of the corrupt press.Maybe Kamala Harris has finally discovered the “root cause” of this problem, which is that the USA is a far better place than Honduras. Or Venezuela. Or Mexico. You get the idea.Therefore, “Cruel Joe,” my new nickname for the president, is demanding iron and concrete to keep the mostly poor people out.Say it ain’t so, Joe. Now, you’re a mean guy like Trump. But it’s too late on the border. Things are so bad that in about 12 months, there will be a new cry in Espanol: “Adios, amigo!”