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Democrat Ideologues Denying Access to Care

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In denying patients the ability to get critical Monoclonal Antibody treatments for Covid, Democrat leaders have once again shown they put political ideology above reality.

Gov. DeSantis disagrees with FDA’s monoclonal antibody treatment changes

They, the government, say the treatments aren’t effective but offer zero data to support their claim. Yet, in the real world, there are doctors all over the nation (and world) who have saved thousands of lives by using these treatments.

They, the government, says you should get the vaccines instead. Yet, in the real world, most people being treated have already had the vaccines. They still got Covid and need treatment, there is nothing a vaccine would do for them at this point!

They, the government, says trust us, we are following science. Yet, in the real world, study after study coming out of hospitals and doctor networks have proven how the use of these prophylactics will save lives when used properly.

The Democrats have had a pattern of lies and deceit when it comes to anything that could help people recover from the virus.  The only thing they want to do is force people to go along with their program – which isn’t working.

They denied people the ability to use Hydroxychloroquine. When used properly it can seriously reduce the mortality rate of those infected with Coronavirus. This has been known since early in 2020 and yet the Democrats have done everything possible to remove this as a treatment. See the study below by the Henry Ford clinic:

Now they are denying you the ability to get other live saving drugs by removing the approval that they had previously granted. This is only done for political purposes to harm people who are seeking any treatment other than what the Dems want you to get.

In the case of Ivermectin they have tried to scare everyone by falsely saying its “horse medication” and make it nearly impossible for doctors to prescribe it to their patients. Once  again they are denying patients the ability to get help when needed, whether they have been vaccinated or not. Ivermectin is totally safe when taken properly and has been used to treat infections for a very long time. View this large, recent and pear reviewed study out of Brazil:

Their conclusion: “Conclusion: In this large PSM study, regular use of ivermectin as a prophylactic agent was associated with significantly reduced COVID-19 infection, hospitalization, and mortality rates.”

So, when you get Covid, and the doctor says they can’t do anything for you, and all you can take is over the counter drugs, remember that Democrats have made it that way – on purpose!

Democrats are engaged in an open war against reason and logic, and it’s costing people their lives. it’s time to hold political leaders accountable for open hostility toward the American people.