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Democrats can’t govern

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Monday, September 12, 2022

Democrats can’t govern

The people of Jackson, Mississippi, are living on bottled water. We had to do that in West Virginia when MCHM got in the water plant in Charleston, West Virginia, a few years ago.

But we could still flush toilets because the water wasn’t brown, unlike Jackson’s. And we could shower. We know what the problem is.


A private company — American Water Company — provides water in the Charleston-Huntington area. The problem lasted a few weeks. Trial lawyers filed a class action lawsuit and we received a few hundred dollars each for our trouble. The money, of course, was just moved from one pocket to another. But there was some accountability.

In Jackson, the city runs the water plant. There will be no accountability.

Democrats run Jackson. They always have. They always will. They blame the Republican governor.

Mayor Chokwe Antar Lumumba blames racism. He’s black as has been every mayor of the city for the last 25 years, including his father.

The city has neglected its water system for decades, just as Flint, Michigan did.

San Francisco’s water problems are at the other end. Lack of maintenance and compliance with EPA regulations at its sewage treatment plants led to brown algae taking over the bay. It stinks.

The EPA is perhaps the biggest water polluter in the nation. In 2015, it released 3 million gallons of toxic chemicals into the Animas River in southwest Colorado. This turned the river orange and knocked out the water in Durango for weeks.

No one went to jail for polluting a river that travels through a national park. No one went to jail for Flint. No one will go to jail for Jackson.

You know who went to jail? The president of the company that leaked MCHM in Charleston.

Government incompetence extends beyond water and sewers.

In Chicago, only 1 in 6 murders is solved.

Murders rise in city after city. Democrats don’t care. Crime once was acceptable as long as it stayed in the ghetto. Now gangs of thieves loot upscale stores of jewelry and $4,500 Louis Vuitton purses. There is no outcry.

Democrats destroyed the criminal justice system through cashless bail and prosecutors who side with the criminals.

America no longer has a border. Democrats waved in 5 million illegal aliens since Biden took over. Uncle Sam is now a Walmart greeter at the border.

Then there are the schools. They are big, expensive indoctrination centers. In the 1980s, the concern was that Johnny Can’t Read. 

Now Johnny doesn’t know if he is a boy or a girl.

The Department of Transportation is a joke. Under Eisenhower, we built interstates. Now we are spending a billion bucks to destroy sections of the interstate in the name of equity.

The government is replacing real cars with EVs while at the same time replacing real electric plants with windmills. No one has calculated what the strain on the power grid will be.

Democrats cannot govern and yet Americans put them in charge of our once great metropolises. The shining city on the hill has given way to brown water and brown algae. Flush the toilets while you still can because the future of America is looking more like Jackson, Mississippi, and a lot less than it was under Reagan.

Posted by Don Surber at 9/12/2022 11:00:00 AM