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Democrats may become a one-race party

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Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Democrats may become a one-race party

Back when he was with the Washington Post in 2014, Chris Cillizza, “Republicans have a major demographic problem. And it’s only going to get worse.”

His argument was one prevalent in the pre-Trump era of politics. Pundits believed that as the nation becomes less white, Democrats will rise because they appeal to blacks and Hispanics.He wrote, “The math isn’t complicated.  Winning 27% of the Hispanic vote and 6% of the African American vote — as Romney did in 2012 — makes it hard to win a majority of the overall vote when those groups represent 10% and 13% of the electorate, respectively. If Hispanics grow to 20% of the electorate by 2024 or 2028 and the Republican presidential nominee performs roughly equivalent to Romney’s 2012 showing, it will be impossible — or damn close to impossible — for that GOP nominee to win a national majority.”

There were four problems with his assumptions.

The first was that all Hispanics are the same. Latin America encompasses nearly two dozen countries. As socialism takes hold in them, capitalists flee. Cubans in Florida are largely Republican. Refugees from Venezuela likely will be. Democrat cries for open borders turn off Hispanic voters along the Texas border. 

The second problem was the question: Are Hispanics not white?

Increasingly they act more like Italians and Poles, who while proud of their heritage identify as white.

The third problem was who says Hispanics belong to Democrats? A CBS poll found job approval for Biden was 35% among whites, 46% among Hispanics and 67% among blacks. 

That resulted in 42% approval/58% disapproval for Biden.

Democrats cannot defeat Republicans with only 42% of the vote.

Finally, no matter how many non-whites there are in this country, Democrats will still need white guilt to put them over the top.

White guilt has a shelf life. Americans cut slack for the first black president because, well, he was the first black president. But the second guy will have to prove himself. And black people seeking lesser offices are not being cut slack because the first black governor pales compared to the first black president.

A good example is the Iowa governor’s race. Deirdre DeJear is the lone Democrat candidate. She is black, which is nice. She also is a socialist, which isn’t.

AP reported, “She is struggling to translate her lower-wattage fame into support from voters. Only 31% of likely Iowa voters said they know enough about DeJear — running unopposed in the June 7 primary — to form an opinion, according to The Des Moines Register’s Iowa Poll, conducted in late February and early March.

“Meanwhile, she posted an anemic $8,500 fundraising balance in January, raising less than $300,000 since announcing her candidacy in August. It paled next to Republican incumbent Gov. Kim Reynolds’ $4.8 million balance and $3.8 million in contributions.”

AP said the problem is not that DeJear is an inexperienced candidate who at 36 has never held public office. No, no, no. It is because she is a black woman. And AP got someone to say it. AP reported, “Story County Democrat Barb Wheelock attributed part of DeJear’s struggle to racism, both inside the party and among the state’s voters.”

Well, if someone in Story County (population 98,537) says something, she speaks for the whole state.

AP ‘s story was a follow-up of Rekha Basu’s column in the Des Moines Register on February 22.

Basu asked, “Deidre DeJear hits the right notes for Democrats, but where’s their support?”

The columnist pointed to a speech she gave in Des Moines, which Basu praised.

Then she wrote, “But where was everyone?”

Maybe Democrats realize that Republican Governor Kim Reynolds is doing too good a job to take her on. No one else in their party is running.

In dismissing Republicans as too white, Cillizza missed the possibility that Democrats may become too black. 

While demographics show the non-Hispanic white population is shrinking, the black population stagnates. By promoting only black candidates, Democrats run the risk of turning off non-black voters.

Meanwhile, black Democrat voters are demanding their day in the spotlight. In a racially charged party, that is a problem.

Good luck balancing that, Democrats.

On top of that, Democrat policies hurt black people — according to Al Sharpton.

Dan Bongino reported, “While a panel discussed the Democrats’ strategy heading into the 2022 midterms, Sharpton chimed in ‘just remember, all this happened when the Democrats were in power. You told us to put you in power, we put you in power, and now I can’t afford the life I’m living. You’ve got to tell me how you’re going to deal with that, because I put you in power to understand me, not to preach to me.'”

Bongino has the tape.

Republicans must resist pandering. That is backfiring on Democrats. Republicans are better off sticking to the issues of liberty, opportunity and making America great again. In 2016, those issues reversed the Romney-McCain string of losses.

Posted by Don Surber at 4/12/2022 03:00:00 PM