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Donald Trump is Back

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Donald Trump is Back By: Bill O’ReillyNovember 16, 2022
With Donald Trump forging on to recapture the White House, the American people will once again see vivid displays of media corruption.Rather than cover a Trump v. DeSantis rivalry fairly, the national press will immediately take sides.  That means objective data will be scuttled as compromised journalists do what they are told to do by their paycheck masters.

So, this is what we can expect for two years.  The leftists will viciously attack Trump as they always do.  They will also attempt to marginalize Ron DeSantis in the process but will go easier on him.

Destroy Trump will continue to be the goal on the left.

As for Republicans, sides will be quickly taken.  Trump loyalists against DeSantis boosters.  Already, the owners of Fox News are signaling a DeSantis preference.

The Wall Street Journal as well.

Newsmax will stay in the Trump camp, and that’s about it for conservative TV.  On the radio, opinions will be mixed, with Trump maintaining a slight advantage.

A two-year presidential campaign will be mind-numbing.  It’s just too much.Things are likely to get worse for the Biden administration, but Democrats have a year to figure out their 2024 agenda.As for us, we’ll cover politics fairly as we always do.  I hope you find that refreshing.See you tonight for the No Spin News.