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Don’t duck with Futch farmers

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Friday, July 08, 2022

Don’t duck with Futch farmers

Newsweek reported, “Over 30,000 Dutch farmers have risen in protest against the government in the wake of new nitrogen limits that require farmers to radically curb their nitrogen emissions by up to 70% in the next eight years. It would require farmers to use less fertilizer and even to reduce the number of their livestock. While large farming companies have the means to hypothetically meet these goals and can switch to non-nitrogen-based fertilizers, it is impossible for smaller, often family-owned farms. The new environmental regulations are so extreme that they would force many to shutter, including people whose families have been farming for three or four generations. In protest, farmers have been blockading streets and refusing to deliver their products to supermarket chains. It’s been leading to serious shortages of eggs and milk, among other food items.”The Dutch farmers protest is impressive.

Dutch farmers are not gluing themselves to paintings. They are not a string of silly protesters sitting in the freeway.

No, they are driving their tractors on the freeway and shutting traffic down both ways.

They also shut down an airport.

Dutch airport closed due to farmer protest.

Time to listen Ursula. 

Don’t duck with Futch farmers.

Sometimes people will call out politicians and say, this is bullshit.

Dutch farmers use actual bullshit to win their argument.

Their spokesperson does not have purple or green hair.

They went with a good old-fashioned blonde.

Their army has no guns.

They go with what they got.

They got a lot.

It is a peaceful protest.

By men and women in large tractors.

Peaceful, but intimidating.

Dutch farmers are up against idiots with power. For some reason the EU wants to reduce nitrogen emissions from farms, even though most of the emissions are from cars and power plants.

I never thought anyone would top Seattle’s refusal to use rock salt to clear snow-covered streets because the city feared the melting snow would run off and put too much salt water in the Pacific Ocean.

But I underestimated the stupidity of large groups of European bureaucrats. It is like a black hole swallowing another black hole.

The farmers seem to have the upper hand.

Newsweek reported, “The effects will be global. The Netherlands is the world’s second largest agricultural exporter after the United States, making the country of barely 17 million inhabitants a food superpower. Given global food shortages and rising prices, the role of Dutch farmers in the global food chain has never been more important. But if you thought the Dutch government was going to take that into account and ensure that people can put food on the table, you would be wrong; when offered the choice between food security and acting against ‘climate change,’ the Dutch government decided to pursue the latter.”

That Newsweek put climate change in scary quotes gives me hope that the media will finally give this ghost up.

Posted by Don Surber at 7/08/2022 03:00:00 PM