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End trade with Red China

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End trade with Red China

Don Surber

End trade with Red China

First, happy birthday to the 47th, er, 45th president. It is Flag Day. How appropriate.

Now for today’s post.

Scott Paul is president of the Alliance for American Manufacturing. He wrote an essay for Real Clear Politics, “It’s Time To End Permanent Normal Trade Relations With China.”

He said, “PNTR is a U.S. legal designation given to some foreign trading partners, and was granted to China as part of the negotiations heading into its ascension into the World Trade Organization more than twenty years ago. This normalcy locked in tariffs for Chinese exports to the United States at a low baseline, removed those tariff rates from an annual congressional review, and created the environment in which Chinese imports saturated the American market. Resultingly, 3.7 million American jobs were lost to the yawning trade deficit with China between 2001 and 2018.”

Red China is not our friend.

George W. Bush’s biggest mistake came on December 11, 2001, when he allowed Red China to enter the World Trade Organization. That opened the door to trillion-dollar trade deficits for us and trillion-dollar trade surpluses for them, which has financed the dragon’s rise from peasantry to the world’s penthouse.

I wonder what Bush got for selling out his country.

We know what Biden got.

On November 28, 2021, Miranda Devine reported in the New York Post, “James Gilliar, a wiry, 56-year-old British ex-SAS officer, got to know Ye Jianming, the 40-year-old chairman of CEFC, when they were both working in the Czech Republic.

“CEFC was a Chinese conglomerate, one of the largest energy companies in the world.

“Ye’s task was to spend $1.5 billion as quickly as possible to ensure the Czech Republic would become China’s Gateway to the European Union, a priority of President Xi Jinping.

“To that end, Ye bought everything from a football team and a brewery to an airline, before being named special economic adviser to Czech President Milos Zeman.

“Now he was looking for an influential partner to help with acquisitions in other locations around the world that had strategic significance for the Chinese state.

“Gilliar had an idea who could help: the Biden family.”

The FBI knew this in 2020.

The CIA knew this in 2020.

Billy Barr knew this in 2020.

They knew because it all was on Hunter Biden’s laptop, which the FBI possessed. They did nothing. They do not care about this great nation or the Constitution they swore to defend. They are ugly people with rotted souls who have sold the country out. All they care about is keeping President Trump from returning to power because he would wreck their China shop.

That $1.5 billion in bribes came from the $4 trillion in trade surpluses Red China enjoyed over the years from the USA alone.

Cokeheads like Hunter get at best a few million bucks while Red China gets trillions.

You know the game is rigged because Kevin D. Williamson, the foul-mouthed, foul-thinker at National Review when Rich Lowry ran it, wrote, “Understanding Trade Deficits” on July 29, 2018.

He wrote, “A trade deficit is nothing like a budget deficit. Each year’s federal budget deficit adds to the total debt owed by the federal government. Trade deficits don’t do that, which is one reason why ‘trade deficit’ is not a very useful term. A trade deficit is just a bookkeeping entry, not a debt that has to be paid. Countries don’t trade — people do. Americans are no more harmed by the trade deficit with Germany than you are by your trade deficit with Kroger.”

The man’s thinking is lighter than air. You might not care about how much you owe Kroger, but Kroger is and it will collect the money and use it to pay its bills, to pay its shareholders, and to expand its business.

I get that some loser lefty who spent his adulthood posing as a conservative does not understand capitalism, but Chairman Xi sure does. He plays the game well. Slave labor allows him to undercut competitors. His R&D is a network of honeypots and spies who steal corporate and military secrets.

Xi also benefits from decades of people wearing pictures of Chairman Mao on college campuses.

Andrew A. Michta is the dean of the College of International and Security Studies at the George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies.

On November 16, 2020, he wrote for Politico, “China’s challenge arrives at a vulnerable time for the U.S. It comes after two decades of inconclusive wars in secondary theaters, and at a time when Washington’s runaway borrowing to cope with the pandemic, in combination with the economic pain and societal stresses at home, has thrown in doubt heretofore regnant assumptions about the world order and the power distribution across the globe.

“The transmogrification of American companies into increasingly transnational entities unmoored from their home base also makes the task of countering Chinese ideological messaging much more difficult.

“At the same time, the change in values that has taken place across the West, spurred by the surge of neo-Marxist theory in American educational institutions, provide an increasingly fertile ground for Beijing’s ideological messaging, especially among the young.”

The young? I see many people with hair as white as mine rooting for Red China’s success. Williamson’s thinking is not an exception in DC; it is the rule.

Why do we have any relations with Red China? It poisoned us with a manmade virus. It sides with Russia in the Ukraine War. It hassles our warships. It threatens Taiwan. It uses slaves.

Why do we have anything to do with Red China?

Oh yes, I forgot about buying off the president through his son — and plenty of other politicians in DC and around the world.

Red China’s relentless rise to the to of the world’s food chain — at our expense — began on December 11, 2001, when we allowed it to join the WTO.

If I get within 100 feet of George W. Bush, maybe I should throw a shoe at him.