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Ending the lies

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Ending the lies

MAY 23, 2023

Brandon Straka, a gay man and former liberal, heads his Walk Away campaign to get others to quit the Democrat Party. He tweeted the other day:

They lied to you about Donald Trump.

They lied about Brett Kavanaugh.

They lied about children in cages.

They lied about #WalkAway.

They lied about the election outcome.

They lied about the Covington Kids.

They lied about Jussie Smollett.

And yes, oh yes…

They lied about Russian Collusion.

Scrolling down the responses, I saw where Kari Lake tweeted, “They lied about Covid origins and vaccines” and she tweeted, “They lied to you about elections.”

A less famous person tweeted:

They lied about mandates.

They lied about ivermectin.

They are still lying about vaccine injuries.

They lied about CRT.

They lied about Kyle Rittenhouse.

American Conservative tweeted, “Barack Obama didn’t sit in Jeremiah Wright’s church because he was a good guy, wasn’t racist, and loved America.

“He sat in that church because he was the opposite of those things.

“Never a day goes by that we don’t feel the repercussions of his disastrous presidency.

“The Durham Report revealed last week that Obama is guilty of orchestrating a government coup against his successor, setting up everything in place to ensure Hell was unleashed on Trump by the FBI using false allegations and fake evidence dreamed up by Team Hillary but put to use in the Deep State by Obama.

“Obama needs to be tried, convicted, and imprisoned.

“NOT Trump, Alvin Bragg, but Obama.

“Obama, Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden are criminals and RussiaGate makes Watergate look like child’s play in comparison.”

And of course they lie when they call abortion and castration health care.

Expect more lies because there are no consequences. The NYT and the Bezos Post will keep their vanity Pulitzers because they have no shame or consciences. Expect more lies because the media and their Deep State masters can get away with it. Lies empower them and de-moralize the Real Americans who oppose them.

For now.

Law professor Jonathan Turley pointed to the spin on the lame but long Durham Report.

Turley wrote, “Shortly before the release of the Durham report, I wrote about the concern that we have a de facto state media in the United States. The column explored the pattern of false claims replicated across media platforms in the last four years. Then the Report was released and the media seemed intent to prove the point. However, even in this determined group, the [Bezos] Post (which won the Pulitzer Prize for reporting on the Russian collusion) set a new level of denial with a column by Philip Bump.”

Bump’s column was a rebuttal to an earlier Turley column.

He wrote, “‘The report details how the Russian collusion conspiracy was invented by Clinton operatives and put into the now-infamous Steele dossier, funded by the Clinton campaign,’ Turley writes, incorrectly. At another point, he writes that ‘President Barack Obama and his national security team were briefed on how a trusted foreign source revealed ‘a Clinton campaign plan to vilify Trump by tying him to Vladimir Putin so as to divert attention from her own concerns relating to her use of a private email server.’ It then happened a few days later. That is also incorrect.”

Bump lied. Again.

In response, Turley wrote, “Let’s start with the second claim. Bump says that it is untrue that Obama was briefed on the Clinton campaign plan. Notably, in the long time line that follows, Bump never shows how the statement is false. Indeed, he admits that ‘Russian intelligence obtained by the U.S. government indicates that Clinton’s campaign decided to vilify Donald Trump by stirring up a scandal claiming interference by the Russian security service.’

“Note Bump does not deny the briefing occurred. Indeed, the line is based on the Durham report and the briefing was previously reported by media. Rather, he later reveals that he is just objecting because the Clinton people would not confirm the intelligence report.”

Turley’s response is nice but too late and tedious — which is why Bump made the outlandish claim that Durham somehow exonerated Obama, Hillary and the Bezos Post. Bump told the people of Washington and Deep State Deniers elsewhere what they wanted. His lies confirm their belief.

His lies also undermine press credibility. When people stop believing the press, they stop believing they can change anything.

However, Turley’s column oddly gives hope amid the despair because the alternative media online can empower dissidents to question authority, challenge the media and fight back. Yes, the column won’t change things today, but since we are forced to playing a long game, we may as well do it right.

Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter ended the Deep State’s control of the service, which resulted in a new set of lies because lying is their weapon of choice. As Jon Lovitz would say, yeah, that’s the ticket.

But we have the truth, which is really the most powerful force in the universe.

So Jesus said to the Jews who had believed him, “If you abide in my word, you are truly my disciples, and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

— John 8:31-32.

Turley ended his column, “As Bump wrote when he was falsely accusing Barr, ‘it is the job of the media to tell the truth.’ This would be a good time to start.”

But expect more lies until lies come with a price. That day will come and it may come sooner than we think. Republican governors shipping illegal aliens to sanctuary cities has mayors from towns on Martha’s Vineyard to New York City to Chicago screaming foul.

And last year’s battle against drag queens and grooming prepubescent children for LGBT was not for naught. Disney stock fell and it was forced to end a billion-dollar project in Florida. It claimed this was too punish the state by depriving it of 2,000 jobs but there are nearly 11 million jobs already in the Sunshine State.

In the spirit of always leave them laughing, I quote the Toronto Sun, which reported, “Bud Light retailer offering $20 rebate on cases of beer being sold for $19.98.”