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Evil Wins

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Evil Wins
By: Bill O’ReillyMay 10, 2024

Sometimes, evil wins. The murderous regime in Iran has to be very pleased with the Gaza situation as it has metastasized into major problems for Israel, America, and the West in general.

To understand the Iranians, you must begin with the Mullah’s chief tenet: Infidels deserve to die. Slowly. Painfully. Children are no exception.

Thus, on October 7, the world saw Hamas terrorists slaughter more than a thousand Israeli civilians in gruesome ways. The Mullahs certainly knew the attack was planned as their agents are embedded with Hamas and Hezbollah. Little happens in the world of terror that Teheran doesn’t sanction.

The attack has now caused a fissure between the USA and Israel. The weak president, Joe Biden, is more concerned with winning reelection than fighting terrorism. His advisors understand the far left will turn against Biden if he doesn’t back away from the Israeli fight. And so he is.

The useful idiots on college campuses delight the hatchet men in Iran as they produce propaganda TV pictures worldwide. Even though their numbers are small, the international audience doesn’t know that.

Of course, these same student nitwits would be executed with extreme prejudice if they ever tried that stuff in Iran.

Perhaps Columbia University should establish a third-year abroad program over there.

And, so, the vicious war criminals who run Iran are happy this weekend. Their plan worked much better than they ever thought it would.

But their day is coming. Mark my words.