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Gerrymandering For All

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So, once again, we have to see another court step in and overrule an elected body’s rights and instead assume that right for themselves even though they have no power to do so.

WSJ article on case in NC:

This case is bound to be overruled in the US Supreme Court, which will have to find that the State Supreme court has no power to overrule one of the primary functions of a State Legislature. Of course, this overreach by judges is nothing new, we see it everyday wherever there are liberal justices that have a majority in the judicial branch.

It seems that time and time again, whenever the liberals have power they use it to subvert the US Constitution and even their own State Constitutions, in the pursuit of power for themselves.

Gerrymandering is an unfortunate reality in politics and one which only the public can deal with because the public is responsible for electing those they put in power. Both political parties have a long history of Gerrymandering for their own benefit, however, right now the Democrat party is trying to use judges to take that power away from Republicans. They love having that power themselves though, don’t they?

Probably will never happen, but it would be nice if adults in both parties would get together and say “we agree on running things this way….”. Amendments to State Constitutions would be required. Ahh, but power is intoxicating so it is highly unlikely.