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Going After Joe

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BILL’S WEEKLY COLUMNGoing After JoeBy: Bill O’ReillyJuly 9, 2023
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Going After Joe
Let’s keep things simple. My model for this column is the movie “A Few Good Men.” You may remember the scene where Jack Nicholson, playing a Marine Colonel, is on the witness stand being interrogated by a Navy lawyer played by Tom Cruise.
Nicholson: “Are we clear?”
Cruise: “Crystal.”
The investigation into the Biden family is vitally important for one main reason; did President Biden receive money from his son Hunter and his brother Jim – money that came from China, Ukraine, Romania, and, perhaps, Russia? Money that was secretly sent through a variety of complicated “shell corporations” and which Hunter Biden has admitted he failed to declare on his tax returns. The amount of cash involved could be as high as $20 million.
If Joe Biden received any part of that hidden money, he would have to resign and could be charged with a variety of tax and conspiracy crimes.
That’s it. The Hunter and Jim Biden business is bad but does not rise to national security levels.
Here’s what we know to be true about this very troubling situation.
If the Democrats had won the House in 2020, there would be no Congressional investigation into the Biden’s. The entire party is deeply invested in protecting the President. Democrats have absolutely no interest in finding out if their leader used his power as then Vice-President to enrich himself and his family.
At this point, there is no public evidence that Joe Biden benefited financially from his son and brother’s grifting. No mention of any monetary gifts is on Biden’s publicly released tax returns.
Attorney General Merrick Garland has consistently helped the Bidens in the matter. First, by refusing to order two U.S. Attorneys, Matthew Graves in D.C. and Martin Estrada in California, to cooperate with U.S. Attorney David Weiss – the lead investigator In Delaware. Both Graves and Estrada, nominated by Biden, told Weiss they would not help him even though Weiss had evidence that Hunter received tainted money in their districts.
Merrick Garland could have forced Graves and Estrada to participate in the investigation. He did not. Extremely unusual.
In addition, it took five long years for Weiss to bring low-level charges against Hunter, to which he has pleaded guilty. Garland signed off on the light prosecution despite saying he wasn’t involved – which is nonsense.
By the way, the Florida judge hearing the case, Maryellen Noreika, may reject the plea deal. This has the Justice Department on edge.
And there’s more.
The wife of Washington DC U.S. Attorney Graves, Fatima Goss Graves, has visited the Biden White House 28 times, according to visitor records. That’s extraordinary and an obvious conflict of interest that Merrick Garland apparently allows. Again, there are credible allegations that Hunter Biden secured overseas payments in the District of Columbia.
Ms. Graves is a far-left activist who runs the “National Women’s Law Center.” For this, she is paid more than $400,000 annually plus expenses.
Fatima Graves has donated money to Joe Biden, Stacey Abrams, and Mandela Barnes. She is powerful inside the Democratic Party. She has not been called to testify under oath before the Congressional Committees investigating the Biden’s. Obviously, she should be.
Because her husband works closely with Attorney General Garland, there is suspicion she is acting as a conduit between the Justice Department and the White House in the Hunter matter. Her visits to Pennsylvania Avenue need to be clarified for the American public.
Finally, the corrupt corporate media in America is not engaged in finding out what happened here. Compare coverage of the Biden family story to the Trump investigations. The Justice Department and FBI devoted massive resources to uncovering alleged crimes centered on Donald Trump. The press enthusiastically reported every morsel.
Recently, President Biden sat for an interview with NBC News. The questioner was MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace.
She did not ask one question about the Hunter Biden investigation.