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Highlights of the News 1-10-23

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Highlights of the News 1-10-23


 ITEM 1: Stephen Kruiser wrote, “The Biden 2024 Train Wreck Might Be Happening.”That 2020 train wreck wound up with him in the White House.Kruiser wrote, “The real question that has to be asked is if Biden can physically handle the rigors of a real campaign. He spent most of the 2020 run in his basement with his Legos and baggie full of Cheerios, only putting on his big boy pants to make the occasional video with DOCTOR Mama Jill. He wasn’t mentally sharp enough to run then and we’ve all witnessed his precipitous decline in the last year.”No, he sat in Delaware cutting deals, hiring staff and preparing to ruin the country by reversing all the progress President Trump made. You have to defeat an opponent before you can mock him.Mock Hillary to death.

ITEM 2: BBC reported, “How Trump’s allies stoked Brazil Congress attack.”The evidence? In a podcast, Steve Bannon said of the election, “The whole thing smells.”Yes, we all know that Steve Bannon is the Rush Limbaugh of Rio de Janeiro.Everything that is bad in the world is somehow the fault of Donald Trump: the border crisis, Russia invading Ukraine, Damar Hamlin’s heart attack…It’s not journalism; it’s paranoia.

ITEM 3: Hot Air reported, “Governor Abbott: Biden visit is $20B too little, 2 years too late.”The story said, “Governor Abbott greeted Joe and Jill Biden when they landed in El Paso on Sunday. Abbott hand-delivered a letter to the president, described as a ‘scathing’ letter criticizing his border policies. Since Joe Biden won’t engage with Abbott to work on securing the southern border, Abbott rightfully presented some truth to the president in the letter. Abbott explained that Biden’s visit — his first ever to the border — was ‘$20 billion too little and two years too late.’“He also noted that Biden’s tour of El Paso avoided where the real immigration problems occur and that he was ignoring ‘the thousands of angry Texas property owners whose lives have been destroyed by your border policies.’”If Abbott really wanted the $20 billion, he would have bought a few paintings from Hunter. Kyiv must have a museum full of them by now.

ITEM 4: The Washington Post reported, “Russian trolls on Twitter had little influence on 2016 voters.”We already knew Russia had little influence because Hillary lost. Remember, Russians gave her millions, Trump zero.Don’t cry for the oligarchs. They got permission to own American uranium by bribing her through her fake charity.

ITEM 5: The New York Times reported, “Republicans Prepare New Rules, but Fixing Congress Isn’t So Easy.”That’s because Nancy Pelosi did such a great job breaking it. She really knows how to use a hammer, unlike her husband.No, we will never learn the truth about that incident anymore than we will learn the true identity of D.B. Cooper.

ITEM 6: PA Media (formerly the Press Association) reported, “Harry’s popularity with the British public hits record low.”The story said, “The Duke of Sussex’s popularity has sunk to a record low following a number of claims about the royal family in his upcoming book, according to a new poll.“Almost two-thirds (64%) of Britons have a negative view of Harry, up from 58% in May, with just a quarter (26%) seeing him in a positive light, according to the YouGov survey.“The results come ahead of the release of Harry’s book Spare, due out on Tuesday, which has sparked a furor, following claims the Prince of Wales physically attacked him.”How unpopular is he? Britons would rather drive on the right side of the road than have him as king. They would rather say “hopefully” and spell labor without a U than have him as king. Some would even go so far as to drink beer cold rather than have him as king.

ITEM 7: Kevin McCarthy survived his first day as House speaker without facing a recall vote.The Epoch Times reported, “Here Are the 7 Conservative Bills Guaranteed a House Vote After Speakership Fight.”Not on the list, imprisoning anyone with an Ed.D degree who dares call herself “doctor.

ITEM 8: The Washington Examiner reported, “TikTok lobbyists repeatedly scored visits to Biden White House.”The story said, “Lobbyists for TikTok and its Chinese parent company ByteDance have enjoyed a cozy relationship with President Joe Biden’s White House, all while lawmakers ramp up efforts to crack down on the app over national security concerns, according to records reviewed by the Washington Examiner.“Congress is mulling legislation that would ban TikTok in the U.S., and Biden authorized an app ban in December for roughly 4 million government devices as more than one dozen state governments enact device prohibitions. TikTok and ByteDance lobbyists have visited the White House at least eight times between July 2021 and August 2022, White House visitor logs show, providing a window into how the Chinese government-linked social media operation has gained influence in Washington.”Red China is not going to give up its spying social media outlet without a fight. It sent its best lobbyist to the White House.Joe Biden.

ITEM 9: The Independent Sentinel reported, “Chechen Leader Says Only ‘15% of the Entire Aid Reaches the Trenches.’”He said, “I see that some are worried about the foreign aid to Ukraine. Do not worry! This is a working money laundering scheme. Western and Ukrainian officials will embezzle these funds, and no more than 15% of the entire aid will reach the trenches.”If the Chechen dude sees it, Putin sees it. Poca dude saw it all along.

ITEM 10: Fox said, “Florida Rep. Byron Donalds reveals committee appointment in exchange for McCarthy House speaker vote.”It is something McCarthy should have done in December.The same people who call Donalds a token just made Hakeem Jeffries their leader.

ITEM 11: The New York Post reported, “Prince Harry admits to ‘drinking heavily,’ using hard drugs on 60 Minutes.”If I had to go on 60 Minutes, I would be drunk and high too.

ITEM 12: National File reported, “POLL: Half of Americans Believe COVID Vaccines to Blame for ‘Sudden’ Deaths.”It is Rasmussen.The poll reflects how little we trust the government. Good.

ITEM 13: Politico reported, “Rogers plans to step aside from plum House GOP post.”The story said, “Rep. Mike Rogers is preparing to step down from a powerful House Republican panel that decides committee assignments for conference members after a series of confrontations with conservatives who prolonged Kevin McCarthy’s speakership fight.”He’s the guy who tried to punch Matt Gaetz.One does not give up a chairmanship. One abdicates.

ITEM 14: Zero Hedge reported, “Bolsonaro Admitted To Hospital In Florida As Dem Lawmakers Urge Booting Him From U.S.”They are all for accepting illegal aliens. It is the legal ones they hate.DeSantis should declare Florida a sanctuary state for legal aliens.

ITEM 15: National Review reported, “Dan Crenshaw Apologizes for Calling Anti-McCarthy Republicans Terrorists.”I remember when being anti-McCarthy was considered a good thing in Washington. I also remember when conservatives liked Crenshaw.

ITEM 16: CBS reported, “U.S. attorney reviewing classified documents from Joe Biden’s vice presidency found at Biden think tank.”DOJ will leave no stone unturned until it finds out who leaked this and punishes him severely.

ITEM 17: The Battle of Speakership Hill was won by America.Politico reported, “House Republicans have worked to pull themselves together this week, teeing up their first major legislative vote on a bill that would repeal the funding for 87,000 new IRS agents while also settling a handful of contested committee gavels. The party will name the final panel head, over the House Budget Committee, later Monday night.”We built this country by throwing tea in the harbor.Don’t make us toss revenooers in as well.

ITEM 18: The Daily Caller reported, “House Passes Rules Package. Here’s What Conservatives Won.”Paragraph 3 said, “The official House rules package, which all but one Republican voted for, passed Monday. It includes a single member motion to vacate the chair as well as a requirement that tax increases receive 60% support before becoming law. The rules also require that legislation have only one subject, and give members 72 hours to read bills. Republicans are also creating a new Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government under the House Judiciary Committee.”These are the procedures to make law. They are old school. The 60% rule on tax increases is a big win that should survive when Democrats win the House back.

ITEM 19: The Washington Examiner reported that another RINO is running for president.It said, “Outgoing Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan is conducting focus groups of Republican voters around the country as part of his not-yet-official 2024 presidential campaign, the governor confirmed on Monday night in a farewell interview with the Washington Examiner.”Running is good for him because he looks as it helps the cardiovascular system.WEST VIRGINIAN OF THE WEEK: Geno Smith.OK, he lived in the state only for the four years he spent at WVU but what a four years he had. Smith led a team that beat the snot out of Clemson 70-33 in the Orange Bowl, the Mountaineers greatest win in football. This was after the WVU head coach quit the team in a hissy fit. This year, Smith is leading Seattle to the playoffs in the NFL. Aaron Rodgers and Russell Wilson are staying home..
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