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Friday, December 10, 2021

Highlights of the News

ITEM 1: Frankie Goes Vatican said, “Sins of the flesh are not the most serious.”Still don’t know if the pope is Catholic, but we can cross Baptist off the list.

ITEM 2: Newsweek reported, “The San Diego County District Attorney’s office charged 11 alleged antifa members with felony conspiracy and felony assault charges, among other crimes, in a riot case where supporters of former President Donald Trump and random bystanders were beaten in Pacific Beach, California in January. Eight suspects were arraigned this week; they have all pleaded not guilty.

“Eight suspects were issued search and arrest warrants last week in San Diego County and Los Angeles County. Police recovered three guns, ammunition, body armor and drugs. The large operation to arrest the suspects involved mutual support from multiple law enforcement agencies in Los Angeles, Long Beach and Escondido. The case is sending shockwaves through far-left networks in Southern California, who have been raising funds for their comrades.”

Note the byline, Andy Ngo. Antifa beat him up when he was an independent journalist. I hope this is more than a freelance gig.And of course, I want Antifa thugs to go to prison.

ITEM 3: National Review reported, “New York attorney general Letitia James announced on Thursday that she is suspending her campaign for governor less than two months after entering the Democratic primary race.”Governor Karen locked up all the major black endorsements while James did all the hard work of bringing Cuomo down.Sending a thank-you note would be bitchy.

ITEM 4: AP reported, “French President Emmanuel Macron urged Britain on Thursday to make it easier for people to apply for asylum and harder to work illegally, to stem risky migration efforts across the English Channel after a recent deadly sinking.”Macron also accused the British government of reneging on promises over fishing licenses and of betraying French-British friendship by signing a secret submarine deal with the U.S. and Australia that sank a rival French contract.”Fill in the Chunnel,With radioactive waste.

ITEM 5: The New York Post reported, “A Florida jury recommended the death penalty for a convicted cop-killer who gunned down a lieutenant outside a Walmart four years ago.”A jury unanimously agreed Wednesday that Markeith Loyd, 46, should face capital punishment for the 2017 death of Orlando police Lt. Debra Clayton, who was fatally shot while trying to arrest him for killing his pregnant ex-girlfriend.

“The 12-member jury deliberated for roughly five hours over two days, the Orlando Sentinel reported. The jurors had convicted Loyd last month of first-degree murder in Clayton’s slaying on Jan. 9, 2017.

“Loyd was arrested later that month following a weeklong manhunt. Before killing Clayton, he was being sought in the December 2016 slaying of his pregnant ex-girlfriend, Sade Dixon, and her unborn child.”

Execution is more humane than life in prison. I prefer the guillotine.

ITEM 6: Newsweek reported, “Police officers in Bonner Springs, Kansas, spent the entirety of Sunday in pursuit of a runaway camel that locals have dubbed Forrest Hump.”The dromedary, a species more commonly known as the Arabian camel, had been on the run since Saturday night.”She escaped from the National Agricultural Center and Hall of Fame, where she had been a part of a live nativity scene, after her halter broke.”She just wanted to take a smoke break. After all, she is a Camel.

ITEM 7: CBD at Ace of Spades wrote, “President Trump…Don’t Run.”Be the king-maker that you have demonstrated you can be. Support like-minded candidates in key races across the country, because your imprimatur is tremendously valuable and can often be the difference in tight races.

“And more important; guide the conservative movement and try to drag the Republican party into some sort of agreement with your vision of our economy and American foreign policy. You showed during your four years that it was a hugely successful vision…energy independence, a rational foreign policy that protected our interests, rewarded our friends, and punished our enemies.

“This is what America wants…this is what America needs!”Americans like younger, shiny, and new. Yes, Grover Cleveland came back 4 years after losing re-election and won a second term.That term was terrible.

ITEM 8: CNBC reported, “Media mogul Rupert Murdoch and his wife Jerry have paid around $200 million to buy a massive Montana working cattle ranch owned by a subsidiary of Koch Industries named Matador Cattle Co. a new report revealed Thursday.”The mega-land deal between two pillars of the American conservative establishment was first reported by the Wall Street Journal, which is owned by Murdoch’s News Corp., and which is a sister property to his right-wing Fox News network.

“The 340,000-acre Beaverhead Ranch, which has 25 homes, primarily for workers, sits near Yellowstone National Park.” That’s only $588 an acre.I wish I knew the Koches were selling…

ITEM 9: The Daily Caller reported, “President Joe Biden’s administration reportedly plans to push the Ukrainian government to appease Russian President Vladimir Putin by ceding territory, The Associated Press reported Thursday.”Biden held a virtual meeting Tuesday with Putin, during which Biden threatened an economic response should Russia invade Ukraine. Russian troops have been amassing on Ukraine’s border for weeks, a nation that has long sought to join NATO but is unlikely to gain membership within the next decade, officials told AP. “

After 30 years of independence, Ukraine seems destined to rejoin Russia.Obama gave Putin Crimea. Now this. Trump gave him nothing. The American press called Trump a puppet of Putin.When I look in the eyes of the American press, I see KGB.

ITEM 10: The New York Post reported, “The COVID-19 pandemic sent life insurance payouts soaring to the highest level in a single year ever in 2020 and drove the largest year-over-year spike since the 1918 pandemic, an industry group said Thursday.”Life insurance companies paid more than $90 billion to beneficiaries in 2020, the highest ever on record, according to the American Council of Life Insurers.

“That’s up from 2019 by 15.4%, the fastest year-over-year increase since 1918, when another pandemic ravaged the world, sending life insurance claims up a whopping 41%.

“Despite the record increase, payouts for the year were actually lower than the industry expected early in the pandemic because so many of the deaths were older people who typically have smaller life insurance policies, the Wall Street Journal noted.”The stock market rebound likely cushioned the blow for the companies as investments covered the losses.

ITEM 11: The Daily Beast reported, “The Sackler family name will no longer hang in seven iconic exhibition spaces in New York City’s Metropolitan Museum of Art, including the gallery wing that houses the famed Temple of Dendur.”In a statement made on Thursday, the museum called the move a gracious gesture on the part of the Sacklers, the philanthropist family and public face of the United States’ opioid crisis. ‘We greatly appreciate it,’ said Daniel H. Weiss, president and CEO of the Met.

“The museum said the decision was made in partnership with the descendants of Dr. Mortimer Sackler and Dr. Raymond Sackler, the brothers who founded and ran Purdue Pharma LP, the maker of frequently abused painkiller OxyContin. Purdue Pharma was informally dissolved earlier this year.”

There is nothing gracious about these super-heroin pushers.

ITEM 12: RT reported, “The Australian prime minister’s chief business adviser says that climate change is a ruse led by the United Nations to create a new world order under the agency’s control. The statement coincided with a visit from the UN’s top climate negotiator.

“Maurice Newman, chairman of Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s business advisory council, said the UN is using false models which show sustained temperature increases because it wants to end democracy and impose authoritarian rule.”Covid seems to be accomplishing what climate scare has not.

ITEM 13: USA Today reported, “New York Attorney General Letitia James is seeking testimony from Donald Trump as part of an ongoing fraud inquiry involving the former president’s namesake real estate business the Trump Organization, a person familiar with the matter said Thursday.”

At some point, a judge has to say enough.For 5 years, Democrats have spied, lied and defied Trump. This string of investigations must end.

ITEM 14: A jury in Chicago found Jussie Smollett guilty of lying his ass off about being attacked by white Trump voters.