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How Free Money Works.

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This reminds me of a story I once heard.

Man traveling needed to stop and spend the night in a small town in West Virginia.

Goes into a roadside motel and asked for a room.

Gives the clerk a $100.00 bill and says he wants to check the room before deciding to stay and proceeds’ to the room to inspect

Clerk takes the $100.00 bill and runs down the street to the grocery store, gives the manager the $100.00 for a bill he owed.

Grocery store manager takes the $100.00 bill and runs down the street to the house of ill repute and gives the $100.00 bill for services rendered.

The Madam takes the $100.00 bill and runs over to the roadside motel and gives the $100.00 bill to the clerk for room rent she owes.

Traveler returns to tell the clerk he has decided not to stay, clerk returns his $100.00 bill.

This is how the Stimulus money payments work, the traveler is the government.

I can hardly wait for my $100.00 bill from the government.