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“How to Kill a Country.”

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Wednesday, October 06, 2021

Biden official wrote, “How to Kill a Country.”

On December 1, 2003, The Atlantic published a column by Samantha Power, “How To Kill a Country. Turning a breadbasket into a basket case in ten easy steps—the Robert Mugabe way.”

She later became Obama’s UN ambassador, and Biden made her the head of the United States Agency for International Development, which divvies up the foreign aid we use to bribe dictators.’

18 years after publication, her column is a primer for Biden’s transformation of the United States.

Here are the10 steps.

1. Destroy the engine of productivity. 

Red China has done much of that as members of the Chamber of Commerce prefer slavery to paying union wages. Major League Baseball just shuttered a baseball helmet company in Minnesota in favor of a helmet company 

OSHA and the EPA also helped. Our water and air are so clean now compared to 60 years ago that the EPA has had to chase the imaginary problem of carbon dioxide for the past 30 years. If you cannot control the means of production, you must destroy it.

2. Bury the truth. 

She pointed to Zimbabwe’s state television. She wrote, “The station is required to play at least once every hour a social-realist commercial accompanied by the jingle ‘Rambai Makashinga,’ or ‘Persevere.’ The ad shows youthful, chiseled Zimbabweans, dressed in designer jeans, dancing in maize and wheat fields as they cheerily harvest the season’s crops. Many are wearing yellow and green, the colors of the ruling party. One is wearing a T-shirt bearing the number 23, signifying Mugabe’s years in power. The maize is shucked to the beat, and the hoes land rhythmically in the rich red soil. The commercial reminds starving Zimbabweans what they got from their liberation from white rule: Nike sneakers and crops aplenty.”

In America, our propaganda machines have better production value and bigger budgets. The payoff is Nike sneakers and EBT cards.

3. Crush dissent. 

Today marks the 9th month anniversary of the January 6 protest inside the Capitol. Hundreds remain in solitary confinement without bail and without hope of having their cases heard for years.

4. Legislate the impossible. 

She wrote, “For all the lawlessness in Zimbabwe, the country in fact suffers from an overabundance of laws. Indeed, Mugabe has introduced so many economic edicts in the past year that most citizens have found it impossible to keep track.”

Our criminal code is published in volumes.

5. Teach hate. 

Zimbabwe had its Green Bombers. We have critical race theory. Both are based on the belief that black people are superior to white devils.

6. Scare off foreigners. 

Actually, Biden has not done that. In fact, he is importing illegal aliens to out populate native Americans. Odd.

7. Invade a neighbor. 

Power wrote, “As even a democracy like the United States has shown, waging war can benefit a leader in several ways: it can rally citizens around the flag, it can distract them from bleak economic times, and it can enrich a country’s elites. In August of 1998 Robert Mugabe sent 11,000 soldiers—a third of his army—into the most menacing country in Africa: the Congo. He justified the invasion on the grounds that he was defending the sovereignty of an African country being invaded by Rwandan, Ugandan, and Burundian forces, which were backing a rebellion against the Congo’s President, Laurent Kabila. In reality, just as Saddam Hussein went after the oil in Kuwait, Mugabe had his eye on the Congo’s riches.”

Biden is a recession away from our next war.

8. Ignore a deadly enemy. 

In Mugabe’s case, it was HIV. In Biden’s case, it is Red China.

The last two steps await us. They are 9. Commit genocide, and 10. Blame the imperialists.