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If you didn’t vote for Trump, shut up about Biden

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Friday, January 21, 2022

If you didn’t vote for Trump, shut up about Biden

By Don Surber

The New York Post has some great columnists. Cindy Adams, Steve Cuozzo, Miranda Devine, Karol Markowicz, Glenn Reynolds, and Salena Zito are just a few of the talented writers in the Post’s punch bowl.

And then there is John Podhoretz floating like the Ty-D-bol Man.Ahoy!

The Putz is a Never Trumper and a reason I liked Trump because he shined the light on these Fake Conservative cockroaches. But they have no shame because they did not scurry. Or maybe their intellectual sloth is also physical.

The Putz posted a column today, “Biden’s press conference was terrifying — his internal monologue said out loud.”

Fittingly, the column was Bidenesque as the Putz rambled through Biden’s many stumbles, trips, and his face plant in which he said Putin’s actions in Ukraine will be only a minor incursion. Biden said he guessed Putin would move in.

The Putz ended his column, “His guess? He’s not Stephen A. Smith, trying to figure out what Bill Belichick’s next coaching move might be. He’s the president of the United States. What he says affects and will affect what Putin does. And while he didn’t actually give him a green light, he all but said his invasion would be successful in the long term — which is maybe the most horrifying thing any leader has ever said on the eve of a potential fight.

“Now I know why they kept him in the basement during 2020, the way Mr. Rochester kept his crazy wife in the attic. The stakes were too high then for Biden to risk his own future by shooting off his own fool mouth, and even Biden understood it.

“He needed to stay quiet so the focus would remain on Donald Trump, and circumstances conspired to make it possible for him not to venture out and go off the cuff in self-destructive ways.

“Well, Mrs. Rochester is out of the attic, and like her, Biden just set the house on fire.”

No, the Putz doesn’t get to say that because he chose Biden over President Trump. The Putz aided and abetted the cheating that put Biden in the Oval Office.

Biden is everything the Putz and his fellow Judas goat conservatives (the goats who lead the sheep to slaughter) accused President Trump of being. Biden suffers dementia, is rash, is arrogant, is a coward, is a bully, and has a son who collects the bribes for the family.

America was at a crossroads in 2020.

The Putz chose the wrong path. It is that dead-end street of socialism that turns your money useless and your farms barren. What does he care? The Putz lives off his father’s fame, fortune, and connections. He is a big mooch.

Now he acts surprised that Biden is everything Trump supporters said he was. He knew. The Putz may be dumb but he is not ignorant.

The actual Ty-D bol Man was Larry Sprinkle, who had a few minor roles in a few minor movies and Firestarter.

Sprinkle became a weatherman and he is beloved in Charlotte, North Carolina.

And 40 years after the commercial, silly as it was, we remember Ty-D-bol, which was all the sponsor wanted. Good job. Well-played. Sprinkle earned his keep.

No one will ever say that about Podhoretz.