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Imagine a Pandemic

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Imagine a pandemic so bad that Democrats are firing 70,000 medical professionals in New York alone.  So much for all the “heroes work here” bullshit from last year.  I wonder why they’re coming after free market employees rather than government ones too 

PS.  Imagine a pandemic so bad that literally hundreds of thousands of medical professionals are willing to lose their jobs for not getting the medicine that the politicians say is vital and mandatory.  Also imagine Democrats refusing to protect our borders, allowing hundreds of thousands of illegals to pour in with numerous illnesses amongst other problems, bringing in refugees that have even more deadly diseases, and our beloved aristocrats not following any of their authoritarian rules for us.  Lastly, imagine a government that has financial interest in the medical companies producing the medicine they want you to be forced to take periodically (as well as the creation of the disease), while also protecting said companies from any liabilities if the medicine causes any problems.  Fear meet reality.  

PPS.  While the Media and politicians are using nonstop fear and division upon us, they’re about to fleece another $3.5 trillion of our wealth in one fail swope, while also further destroying the livelihoods and freedoms of potentially millions more Americans.  They’re also coming after our bank accounts, financial apps like PayPal and the rest, and finding new ways to tax and regulate us.  Also, if you’re for the massive spending bills now or in the past, you’re a fool.  There’s no way on God’s green earth that you’ve read the bill, which means you’re blindly repeating whatever talking points the Media and Democrats are feeding you.  Read it and learn what’s in it before you become one of the useful idiots they thrive on.  Thanks