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It’s China’s Century – We’re Just Diminishing In It

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Licensed Spectrum: The Little Known, Crucial China Competition Story



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It’s China’s Century – We’re Just Diminishing In It

China’s Communist government is exceedingly unpleasant. 

Unfortunately – from nearly all evidence and indicators – the 21st Century is destined to belong to them. 

China continues to be a serious country – engaged in serious things. 

While the US – and every other nation that once constituted Western Civilization – continue their respective Leftism-addled suicides.  It’s the only thing about which they remain serious. 

China’s rise is leading to their dominance of more and more global things. 

In part because – thanks to us giving them more and more of the stuff we used to do – they continue to become increasingly dominant in more and more global things. 

In part because they buy officials in all the countries that (used to) matter – and all the organizations that never did. 

Bribing the World, With Chinese Characteristics:

“A most unsubtle way to pursue world domination….

“(L)et us switch the roles of the briber and bribee: let the briber be the government of one country, and let the bribee be individuals, organizations, and governments of other countries.

“In other words, let us add the following to the domain of bribery-corruption relationship: the government of one country bribes the rest of the countries of the world in order to influence their attitudes and behavior.”

The Western nations continue to predicate less and less upon excellence and achievement.  It’s a key component of their ongoing, rolling suicides.   

China isn’t futzing around with any of that idiocy.  Its marshal adherence to accomplishment is a key component of their ongoing, rolling ascendance. 

So when there is a race with China that we can still win?  We must set aside our political and cultural neuroses – and get serious. 

To wit: The Fifth Generation (5G) wireless race.

As with most things these days, the “global” race – is really between just two horses: US and China.  And here’s a fun fact: The nation that gets to 5G first – gets to set the 5G rules and standards for the rest of the planet. 

Given that 5G will incept the Internet of Things (IoT)?  In which tens of millions of items will be connected to the Web – and which will traffic in INSANE amounts of our digital data?  China being in charge is a really bad idea.      

The fuel for this race – is spectrum:

“‘All wireless communications signals travel over the air via radio frequency, aka spectrum. The TV broadcast you watch, the radio program you listen to, the GPS device that helps get you where you’re going, and the wireless phone service you use to make phone calls and check Facebook from your smartphone — all use invisible airwaves to transmit bits of data through the air.’…

“Spectrum – is a finite resource. And all spectrum is not created equal. Some bands of spectrum are much more powerful and effective than others.

“Think of a Monopoly game board. Some spectrum is Boardwalk and Park Place – some is Baltic and Mediterranean Avenues…and all properties in between.”

Our government allocates our finite spectrum in two ways – licensed and unlicensed. 

Unlicensed spectrum is, broadly speaking – the Communist version of spectrum allocation.  It’s open to use by everyone – for “free.”  It’s for what all the Leftists always clamor for more.  And more.  And more….

Make More Unlicensed Spectrum Available for Increasing Demand for Wi-Fi Use

More Unlicensed Mobile Spectrum Needed, Group Says

Ummm…that “group” – is the Wireless Internet Service Providers Association (WISPA).  Shocking that they reached the conclusion that they should have more of what they themselves use.  Anyone surprised when the oil industry wants more leases to explore for oil? 

Please do not misunderstand: Unlicensed spectrum serves an important role in our economy – including in wireless smart phone service.  But we already have PLENTY.

And it contributes a relatively minuscule fraction to the economy – of what licensed spectrum does. 

What Is Unlicensed Spectrum and How Does It Contribute $95.8B Annually to the Economy?

More Licensed Spectrum Is Needed To Drive U.S. Innovation:

“According to a new Compass Lexecon report, America’s wireless industry contributes a staggering $825 billion to our economy each year and supports 4.5 million jobs.”

Most unfortunately, we remain woefully short of licensed spectrum. 

Which is the fundamental ingredient in our wireless service providers delivering us first to 5G. 

And thus is the fundamental ingredient to US – and not China – setting the global rules and standards for 5G. 

5G and China: The Private Sector Needs More Licensed Spectrum, Please

Licensed spectrum is allotted by government in bands.  Then auctioned – and bid on and bought by private providers for their exclusive, licensed use:

“Licensed is better for 5G.  Because each band of spectrum is being used by many less people.  You can use unlicensed spectrum for 5G and the IoT – and the technology to do so is getting better all the time.  But it is less optimal.  Unlicensed spectrum can become a sort of digital Tower of Babel.  Think of the old school telephone party lines.  It can get a little crowded…: 

“‘For your own IoT deployment, consider the implications of using a licensed vs. unlicensed wireless spectrum to support your network. Using a licensed spectrum has two significant benefits: greater reliability and better performance.

“‘Why? Think of it like a crowded room: As more and more people are packed in and talking simultaneously, it becomes harder to hear. Unlicensed spectrum users are competing with other users for priority. And as an unlicensed user, you have no protection from interference on the part of other parties.’”

Hey – it’s DC. 

The people who make money off of unlicensed spectrum – are clamoring for more unlicensed spectrum.

The people who make money off of licensed spectrum – are clamoring for more licensed spectrum. 

But at this moment in time?  At this point in history?  Licensed spectrum is WAY more important to our economy – and national and international security. 

In a serious and sane DC – our national economy and security would be the preeminent determining factor.

In a serious and sane DC….