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Jumping the Shark

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Jumping the Shark By: Bill O’ReillyDecember 2, 2022
It still amazes me that White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre told the world that President Biden had visited the southern border when he had not.Yes, we consistently hear things from the Biden administration like “the border is secure” and “inflation is short term,” but those things can be categorized as foolish opinions.Saying the President has gone to the border when he hasn’t is a lie. A major, provable deception.In my opinion, Ms. Jean-Pierre doesn’t care that she lied. Why should she? Nothing will happen to her. The corporate media are invested in the Democratic Party, so they’ll ignore the situation. Like they did with the Hunter Biden laptop story. Like they did with surging violent crime.But, when you think about it, the Biden border lie is the moment the White House “jumped the shark.” Why would anyone believe what Karine says ever again?It’s a pathetic sign of the times. The nation’s most powerful institution, the White House, has such a disregard for truth-telling.It’s an insult to all of us. Somebody tell the media.Enjoy the weekend. New column Sunday noon.