Standing Up For America

Justices stood up to the mob.

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Justices stood up to the mob. LGBT is next

Imagine a mob of angry villagers outside your home. Imagine how your children inside feel. Imagine how easy it would be to go along with the crowd.

It was Gary Cooper time at the Supreme Court corral.

But they weren’t armed with only a gun and a sheriff’s badge. This wasn’t a movie. They were armed only with black robes and that piece of parchment we like to call the Constitution.
5 brave men and a mom stood up to the mob. There is a reason they call the Mafia the mob. Mobs use intimidation to get their way. Nice window you have there. It would be a shame if someone threw a brick through it. Wet my beak and I will make sure nobody does that.

Not only did they uphold the Mississippi abortion law but they struck down an unconstitutional gun law in New York, allowed a high school football coach to pray on a football field, and told the EPA no, you cannot shut the coal industry down without the express written permission of Congress.

They did so despite the courthouse being behind gates. I suppose they had an encampment of soldiers outside the courthouse during the Civil War.

I can wax poetic about their heroism but we are a forward looking people.

Conservatives swept the World Series in 4 games.

Celebrate but prepare for October.

Bloomberg reported, “Harvard Affirmative Action, Gay Rights Cases Are Next Up at Supreme Court.”

By affirmative action, Bloomberg means discrimination against qualified Asian-American students to enroll less qualified African-American students.

The case should be a slam-dunk end to affirmative action, which was sold to the public as reparations in the 1970s. It is as unconstitutional as separate but equal, which was the law of the land thanks to an 8-1 Supreme Court decision in 1896. The Earl Warren Court threw stare decisis out the window and ended that discrimination in the schools case in 1954.

20 years later, discrimination returned, this time favoring blacks.

Bloomberg spun it, “For years, universities have been able to take race into account in their admissions process, which the Supreme Court affirmed in a 2003 decision. But the current court agreed to take up challenges to admission policies at Harvard College and the University of North Carolina.

“A special interest group called Students for Fair Admissions accused Harvard of favoring Black and Hispanic applicants over Asian Americans. Lawrence Bacow, Harvard’s president, has said eliminating race as a factor would make it more challenging for the school to create a diverse student body. In the North Carolina case, the Supreme Court took the rare step of intervening before a trial judge’s decision made it to the appellate level.”

A university should be about learning and research, not diversity.

Bloomberg made a big deal about the First Black Woman Justice joining the court. But the substitution of an old white man (Breyer) with a young black woman (Jackson) shouldn’t change the vote.

Two more upcoming cases caught my eye.

Colorado forcing a Christian woman to do the bidding of a gay couple is on the docket.

The feds disallowing a woman to build a house under the Clean Water Act is on the docket.

My guess is the justices will tell Harvard, Colorado and the feds no because the court already smacked down Colorado and the feds in similar cases.

I have faith in the court now because 6 justices stared down a liberal mob.

Posted by Don Surber at 7/01/2022 03:00:00 PM