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Liberals sell out unions

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Don Surber

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Thursday, December 01, 2022

Liberals sell out unions

Communism began in America with the unions.

Unions largely delivered on promises of higher wages for the working class often were delivered in the 19th century and the first half of the 20th century. The average pay for a Union Pacific Railroad work is $93,000 a year.

That’s almost as good as the $108,538 a year that federal employees average.But with communists, people are disposable. So it was with the workingman. In the 1970s, communists worked to shutter factories. Red China now dominates manufacturing from pencils to penicillin.

Of course, this puts America in peril.

On April 28, 2021, Market Watch reported, “Right now, the U.S. has virtually no capacity to manufacture antibiotics. That’s because Red China currently controls roughly 90% of the global supply of inputs needed to make the generic antibiotics that treat bronchitis, pneumonia, pediatric ear infections, and life-threatening conditions such as sepsis.

“At the peak of last year’s COVID-19 hospitalizations in the U.S., these generic antibiotics—including azithromycin—were urgently needed to treat secondary bacterial infections. However, the U.S. faced a potential shortage, since the key materials for azithromycin and other drugs are supplied by Red China.”

So, we became dependent on Red China for drugs and Red China subsequently unleashed a manmade virus upon us. 

But American communists defend this as the free market at work. Never mind that Red China uses slave labor to run its factories

Of course, to ship goods from Red China to New York, you need railroads. And after a couple of years of working mandatory overtime and the like, railroad workers want some relief. They are threatening a strike.

In the old days, America’s Marxists would rally behind them.

Not this time.

Biden and his Democrats passed a bill in the House that sided with the Snidely Whiplashes who run the railroads. Only 8 Democrats voted against the measure, which drew 79 Republican votes.

The Guardian reported, “Railroad workers have expressed dismay at Joe Biden’s proposed solution to a looming strike that threatens to derail the US economy, which they say belies his image as the most pro-union president in generations.

“As a December 9 deadline looms for the long-running labor dispute between the US’s largest railway companies and their unions, Biden has called on Congress to intervene and block a strike that could cost the US economy about $2 billion a day by some estimates.”

(In a $20 trillion-a-year economy, $2 billion a day is negligible.)

The story said, “Union leaders are unhappy that Biden’s solution appears to be the imposition of a settlement reached in September that has already been rejected by many for failing to address members’ concerns about pay, sick days, staff shortages and time off.” 

I am sorry, but I cannot find in the Constitution where it says Congress shall set wages and time off for workers. Then again, I cannot find in the Constitution justification for 90% of what Congress does. We would be better off if Congress just named post offices and defended our border.

Biden stuck his nose in the railroad negotiations three months ago.

Kevin McCarthy told CNN, “First Biden told us that inflation was transitory, it wasn’t. He told us immigration was seasonal and it wasn’t. He told us Afghanistan wouldn’t collapse to the Taliban. Then he told us in September that this deal was all worked out. Now he wants the government to go into this? I just think it’s another – it’s another sign of why the economy is weak under this Biden administration.”

That Biden sided with the company instead of the workers is understandable. Communists wrung everything they could out of the workingman. The communists move on to another group. LGBT-ers should take this as a warning.

They won’t.

Posted by Don Surber at Thursday, December 01, 2022