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Not Just Manufacturing: China Surpasses US in Intellectual Property Creation

Seton Motley

Nov 29

The Latest from Seton Motley | Less Government |
Meet the New Boss

Outsourcing our manufacturing sector – and with it our middle class – to Communist China over the last half-century-plus was an exceedingly stupid idea.

Wall Street demanded Main Street be sacrificed on the altar of globalism.  So the Elite could further consolidate the nation’s wealth and power.  And bribed DC to happily oblige them. 

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“So we just fired 28,000 Ohioans – to send their gigs to Guangdong.  Our stock price is up a point and a half – and that’s what really matters.”

So: We have given away product manufacturing – but at least we still have product creation.  Right…?

From our nation’s inception, Intellectual Property (IP), its creation and its protection is what made US a great and growing power on the planet – all the way to our mid-20th Century domination.

Our Founding Fathers, in their Constitution, rarely got by-name-specific of any sector of the economy.  But in Article I, Section 8, Clause 8 – they got very specific about the protection of IP. 

They knew the creative sector serves as the headwater of the economy – from which the prosperity of the rest of the nation flows.

And so it was for over two centuries – until 2011.  Which is when Big Tech and other Wall Street monsters decided they were tired of paying IP creators for their creations.  So they bribed DC to license their mass IP theft.

And they did it – by artificially creating a fake “problem” to “solve.”  Born was the “patent troll”…

While We’re Lost in The ‘Patent Troll’ Freakout, ‘Reformers’ Will Eviscerate Private Property Rights:

“What exactly is a ‘patent troll?’  He or she is someone who owns a patent – which is private property. And is trying to protect their private property from unauthorized use by someone who doesn’t want to pay to use it.

“Is someone who owns a house and calls the police to roust squatters a ‘property troll?’ Is someone who reports their car stolen an ‘automobile troll?’”

Fraudulently, in the name of addressing the fake “patent troll,” Wall Street had DC extrude the woefully misnamed America Invents Act.  Which structurally undermines the ability of America to invent:

“(It) took the most successful Intellectual Property (IP) system in the history of humanity – and fundamentally transformed it into an America-Last strip-mine of domestic IP creation.”

The US Has Institutionalized Big Tech’s Intellectual Property Theft

Patent-Stealing China and Big Tech Are the Biggest Beneficiaries of DC’s Patent ‘Reform’

Shocker: Seven years later, in 2018, this happened.…

Intellectual Property Crisis: U.S. Drops Out of the Top Ten in Innovation Ranking:

“‘The index scores countries using seven criteria, including research and development spending and concentration of high-tech public companies.’”

Well, China is a lot of things – stupid ain’t one of them. 

As was just mentioned, for decades China waited for US to create IP – and then stole it:  

“Communist China is rightly known as a den of Intellectual Property (IP) thieves….The US is subjected to upwards of $600 billion per annum in Chinese IP theft.”

Over the course of the 2010s, China watched our advanced, ongoing IP self-flagellation – and prepared to yet again take advantage of our idiocy. 

About which we warned in 2018….

Communist China’s Latest Intellectual Property Plan: Stealing IP Creation:

“Decades of international enforcement abandonment – combined with a decade-plus of horrendous domestic policy – has severely damaged the United States as a safe haven for IP….

“Read carefully what China is saying about IP – and it becomes clear what they are really doing.

“Which is setting themselves up to be the recipient of the massive investment coin that will leave the US – as our IP protection continues to deteriorate.

“What China is establishing – is the latest version of their China First protectionism.

“China has spent the last several decades doing this to other US economic sectors – most notably manufacturing. The IP pattern and plot-line…is disarmingly similar.”

As we continued to cede ground – China kept advancing….

China Makes Itself More Attractive for IP Creation – The US Makes Itself Much Less So

China’s New 115-Point Plan to Ramp Up Its Heist of US IP Creation

Shocker: China’s plan is working. 

IP investment capital goes – where investment capital is treated best.  And for a while now, it ain’t the US – its China.

So now, this is happening….

WIPO Report: China Sees Massive Surge in IP Filings Across the Board:

“China saw high rates of growth and is a global leader in sheer numbers across all indicators….

“China’s IP office received nearly half of all global patent applications, with 1.59 million filings….

“(T)his year China surpassed the United States to become the world leader of patents in force. China has 3.6 million patents in force followed by the United States with 3.3 million….

“China’s IP office received just shy of 9.5 million (trademark) applications, which dwarfs the next country, the United States, which received around 900,000 filings….

“In combination with growth in patent and trademark applications, China also is the world leader in industrial design and plant variety applications.

“In 2021, worldwide industrial design applications increased by 9.2% with China accounting for 53.2% of the global total. China has the most industrial design registrations in force at 2.6 million….”

Well isn’t all of that a raft of excellent news. 

China accomplished this – by doing everything we should be doing.  And used to do:

“In recent years, the Chinese government has put an increased emphasis on improving the country’s domestic patent market.

“In October, the China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA) released a draft of new measures that would downgrade the ratings of Chinese patent agencies that approve abnormal or fraudulent patents.”

Get that?  China didn’t artificially create a “patent troll” bogeyman – as a talisman to shake while it undermined IP creation. 

Which is what US patent thieves did – as they jammed the America Invents Act down our throats.   

DC’s Definition of ‘Patent Quality’: ‘How Much Easier Can We Make It to Steal Patents?’

China addressed the actual problem: The government issuing bad patents.

Which helped set China upon their path to modern global IP dominance. 

Meanwhile, in the name of a wooden nickel problem – the US imposed a multi-trillion-dollar fine.  On ourselves.  Yet again.     

Of which China has taken total and totalitarian advantage.  Yet again. 

The Latest from Seton Motley is a reader-supported publication. To receive new posts and support my work, consider becoming a free or paid subscriber.Subscribe