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Men take over LGBT

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Monday, August 29, 2022

Lesbians served their purpose. Men take over LGBT

Cardiff, the capital of Wales, held its first gay pride parade in 3 years. Police responded by kicking out a group of lesbians who protest how the T-girls now dominate LGBT.Will Taylor of LBC reported, “Members from the Get the L Out group were told to get off the road by choice or be removed by police during Saturday’s march in Cardiff.

“Its members say that the L in LGBT – which stands for lesbians – should be removed and then they can oppose ‘misogynistic politics and systems that prioritize men’s interests’ – and include transgenderism in that bracket.

“They recorded the encounter with a male police officer, who tells them: ‘At the moment, your march, this group of people, is causing confrontation between different groups of people, OK?’

“As they explain their group’s purpose, he says: ‘Whatever you are, at the moment, is causing confrontation.'”

The gals wanted to get kicked out to make their point. They are actually women and men want to take over a movement they began with gays. The event in Cardiff is called Pride Cymru.

The transwomen have become bully boys. T Rex.

These pride parades have become drag shows.

Julie Bindel at The Spectator explained, “As a lesbian that came out in the Life on Mars days of the 1970s, when I was told, on a regular basis, that all I needed was a ‘good f––’ to ‘straighten’ me out, I have watched with horror at the vilification of lesbians for firmly rejecting men that claim to be women from their dating pool.

“The protest, captured live on film, is yet another example of how the word ‘lesbian’ has returned to being a dirty word.

“The women at Pride Cymru were carrying banners adorned with the words, ‘trans activism erases lesbians’ and ‘lesbians don’t like penises’, which caused a major kerfuffle amongst the crowd. Rather than having a word with the individuals that were screaming abuse, police decided to eject Get the L Out. So, lesbians were kicked off a so-called Pride procession whilst the rest of the LGBTQQIA2Spirit+ crowd, many of whom will doubtless be heterosexual kinksters, stayed.

“The hostility towards any lesbian that stands her ground amongst the new cool queers has been building for some time. In 2018, at the first Get the L Out protest, the gay male MC joked on stage that the protesters should be dragged off the parade ‘by their saggy tits’.”

I am on the sidelines, enjoying the row.

Or should I say show?

You have to understand that the left wants chaos because out of chaos comes tyranny. Gay rights was never about helping gay people. It was about power. LGBT has kicked Martina Navratilova to the curb. The girls getting mastectomies and the boys getting castrated will learn a few decades from now that they were played.

Posted by Don Surber at 8/29/2022 11:00:00 AM