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‘Modern Feminism’ Is Anti-Woman

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Tulsi Gabbard

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‘Modern Feminism’ Is Anti-Woman

It is a biological fact that men and women are different, but modern feminists are on a mission to erase the latter’s existence

Tulsi Gabbard

Dec 4


What happens in our society when we have people in the highest positions of power who deny the existence of objective truth? When there is no such thing as truth, there is no such thing as reality. Truth becomes whatever the people in power say it is at any given time. 

We lose the foundation of reality when we cannot acknowledge that there is such a thing as truth — including the biological fact that there is a difference between men and women.

Earlier this year, the Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh made one simple question both the central focus and title of his critically acclaimed feature length documentary: What is a Woman? 

For centuries, this answer was obvious. Even suggesting there was broad consensus would be an understatement. This was a universal basic truth, similar to the laws of gravity and the sum of 2+2 being 4.

However, we have now reached a point where answering this simple question elicits outrage and controversy.

The question has become so contentious, that even our newest Supreme Court Justice, Ketanji Brown Jackson refused to answer it during her confirmation hearing stating that she was “not a biologist.”

If we can’t define what a woman is, then how can one define feminism? 

The feminists of past generations were determined to secure basic rights. They were driven to make sure our country lived up to the promises made in our Constitution. The women’s suffrage movement was relentless in its pursuit to ensure women could fully participate in the democratic process by obtaining the right to vote. Their daughters and granddaughters fought tirelessly for equal opportunities in the workforce. These second wave feminists expanded their focus into education and school sports, resulting in the passing of the historic 1972 Title IX legislation.

Now, exactly 50 years later, today’s so-called feminists are seeking to undo the progress that has been made, and erase us as an entire category of people in our society by redefining terms like mother to “birthing person” and promoting the lie that biological men can become women and get pregnant. 

Organizations like the NCAA have allowed men into women’s sports, where they have very clear and obvious physical advantages – dominating the field with ease. So-called progressive feminists insist we must sit there and accept this injustice as progress, but I can’t imagine anything more disempowering for women. 

Our biological differences are not irrelevant; as collegiate swimmer Lia Thomas (formerly William Thomas) made clear by going from an overall ranking of #462 as a male competitor to ranked #1 as a female competitor following “gender reassignment.”

My guest on The Tulsi Gabbard Show this week is a truly remarkable athlete who competed against Lia and decided to speak out against this injustice. A 12-time All-American, Riley Gaines was one of the top 5 collegiate swimmers in the country. And now, she is on a mission to redefine modern feminism, taking a stand to protect women and girls. We had a great discussion and I invite you to check out the full conversation on this week’s episode of The Tulsi Gabbard Show.


I know it’s sometimes hard to wrap our heads around the dizzying state of the nation today. And to witness the height of hypocrisy for those who claim to be feminists to deny that there is such a thing as a woman. Even the Democratic Party, after decades of fighting for the rights of women, fighting for equality, fighting for that level and fair playing field across our society — today denies a woman’s existence.

This is why it’s so important for each and every one of us to do our part, exercise our right to free speech, and take a stand for women and girls. Our voices and action will have a positive impact in the fight today, and will be felt for generations to come.

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12-time All-American swimmer Riley Gaines presents The Independent Women’s Forum’s Resilience Award to Former Congresswoman and Presidential Candidate Tulsi Gabbard at their annual Gala in Washington, DC on October 13, 2022.